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Confrontation-Part 2

Posted on 2024, Fri Mar 22nd, @ 12:50pm by Admiral Christopher Townsend & Commander Kate Townsend & Lieutenant Aubrie Fox & Gunnery Sergeant Janet Bruke III & Corporal Kate Score & Cadet Freshman Grade Tess & Civilian Katie Townsend & Captain Mark White & Captain Maddison Black & Colonel Sandra "Fanthom" Risa & Commander John Fitzgerald & Commander Dorna Villersh & Commander Victor SPADE & Lieutenant Teresina Waylin

7,974 words; about a 40 minute read

Mission: Dark Past’s Are Hidden For A Reason(Halo/Ross/Romulan)
Location: USS Halo
Timeline: Current

Vector 3-Main Engineering

The Halo stopped shaking from the hits as the Emeny stopped firing

Dorna was directing fire suppression on different sections and getting repairs made on what systems she could. She was DEFINITELY getting her exercise today from bounding up and down the Upper, Lower, and Main Levels. It wasn't a dance she liked, but it kept her fit.

She had leaned against a railing surrounding the Warp Core in Upper Engineering when she felt the shift of energy. She stood straight, closed her eyes, and concentrated on what she felt in her hooves. She could feel the Core's gentle heartbeat, but not the...movement she had been dealing with. =/\=Dorna to Ty'ryn! Ty Where are you? You feel that?=/\= She called, tapping her comm badge. Was the tiff the Captain had been wading through OVER? Dorna didn't know and wanted not to care, but if it all WAS done, she could work with Ty'ryn to guide teams appropriately and finally stop the bleeding her Iron Lady had suffered.

Ty'Ryn had her own hands full with cracked power taps, and ODN conduits blew out. How the hell was she bleeding retardant? All this, she sensed from the engineering crew as she worked. Hearing the com, =/\=Yeah Dorna I felt it, still do. There has to be a misalignment of the shield plating. The vibration is not as bad as it was earlier.=/\=

Dorna grunted softly. =/\=Acknowledged Ty. I'll check that out. If that Admiral of ours hurt my Iron Lady anymore, I'm hoping I can...well, let's just say he won't be happy either.=/\=

Cutting the transmission, the Chief Engineer started tapping on the Engineering Pool Table, soft growling and grunting in accompaniment. 'It HAS to be that! C'mon, my beautiful Lady, tell old Dorna where you're hurting..."

Mad could feel the silence, as she worked by feel, unable to see a thing under the waterfall of retardant. She couldn't see a thing.

"Ah, excuse me, Captain, exactly what happened?"

Rolling her eyes. Mad finger spelled, her sleeve translating. "If you're referring to the silence. I have no idea. If you're referring to the retardant? Pressure built up and a link blew, once the link blew the retardant continued to flow and when there was nowhere else for it to go, it pushed out decorative plating, until it gave, and we've got what's called MFU."

Standing near her, waist deep in pink retardant, the marine looked at the XO.
"Shouldn't you call and check on the Admiral?"
"Why doesn't your com work?" =/\+ Black to Admiral Townsend. Concern is being raised for your welfare, please confirm your status. =/\+

=/\=Im good Captain, Get up to the Vec 2 battle bridge=/\=

Explanations of why things just stopped, were flowing in her head. Sliding a pull strap around the busted pipe, Mad touched her sleeve with a single finger, and watched the HUD come alive on the inside of her helmet. A large pillow of pink retardant dropped from the pipe opening and enveloped her, as she took a step forward. Striding towards the nearest entry to the JT's she started her climb towards the Battle Bridge.

Vector 2-Main Sickbay

As more casualties were brought, They kept getting knocked over as each blast rocked the ship. Then they all stopped

Commander Kate Townsend looked around as if what the fuck. "Please tell me they got rid of those fuckers" Kate said out loud. Even though she was chief counselor, she still had medical training. The EMH was even activated. It was currently in the surgical room, working on a Lt.

The ship's CMO Victor Spade was injured on the right side of his head being jostled but still composed himself. With all the casualties coming in it was only enough to triage and move on.

" Doctor Townsend I need to borrow you for a moment please. This head wound I have won't stop bleeding and we can't stop," Victor reluctantly declared.

"Coming, Nurse Hanes, Help this patient," she said as she moved to help the CMO. She quickly grabbed a med kit and began to help the CMO. "I never fully met you, Sorry for that, Been busy with reports, Plus the Pregnancy is having a bit of toll on me."

" Pregnancy? Boy are you screwed, sorry no pun intended. We have to contact the bridge and find out what's going on out there. Some of these injuries will require a starbase. Good job atleast the bleeding ain't in my eyes any more." Spade replied.

"Screwed? Why do I have a hint you don't like kids?" The Commander asked.

" Please state the nature of the medical emergency," the EMH said to someone from behind them

" I like kids but not on a starship. These things are too dangerous for families. Go check on that EMH I think it's over whelmed." Victor replied.

Kate sighed he made a valid point. "I agree doctor, But My husband is here, And we have a little one on the way, And I know he wants to be there when I have the baby, With that said, As we get closer to the birth date. I might be transferred over to 113...." After applying some medication the flooding finally stopped. "There you go, Anything else Commander? Oh by the way, I have gave orders for the use of the Battle Sick bays to be used, right now we are packed here, word is the Romulan ships are just sitting there and we have have USS Kilo and 3 other ships including the duty ship attached to 113 here as well, Seems like the Romulan know that we have a fleet here, Maybe they are retreating? Who knows"

" Romulans only retreat when they feel out numbered. Then they regroip. Listen I don't want to lose you. Forget my BS. " Spade replied.

"Greaat, But it all good You made a valid point Commander, Now lets get this shit fix" She said.

Commander Spade felt her angst and agreed, no longer bleeding he jumped back to helping patients.
" Speed it up EMH." Victor yelled. He then regrouped the two nurses working triage and relieved the medic doing piss poor tourniquet work.

" Stop replicating stuff and use whatever we have on hand. The power we have has to last us." Spade yelled again.

" Ensign why are you bleeding in my sickbay?" Spade singled out an Ensign with a ear wound. A few minutes later the wound was sealed.

USS Kilo

Mark was pissed, the Halo was able to defend them selves, But couldn't go into MVA, and that was desperlity needed.

"Helm, Once we secure a Protective detail over the Halo, Open the Channel to the Emeny ships"

But then all the emeny ships stopped firing.

"Ah, what happened?"
"Maybe they blew a fuse."
"This isn't a drill is it?"
"Someone tell me we're not sitting in 113's hangar bay."
"I don't want to even consider that. Admiral?"
"Why would they just stop firing?"
"How do I know?" Someone else asked.
"Maybe this is a drill."

"Will you forget about the drill. Check our location, is it the same as before?"

USS Halo Battle Bridge Vector 2

Townsend was about to give orders when the firing stopped. "Tactical what the hell is going on?!"

"All weapons fire has come to a halt," Fitz said, "I'll have more data after detailed scans."

~What the fuck did you do?~ Sin thought wishing she had a mental device link between her and Mad. Looking around, she wished that she was anywhere but on the bridge.

"Ah, what happened?" Sin asked the silence. "Did someone hit something vital? She scanned her controller. Breathing a sigh of relief, when nothing stood out. "Did some other vessel step in?" She didn't understand what had happened. Everything remained as it was. "This wasn't a screwed up drill was it?" She shrugged when people looked in her direction. "What?" She glared at the communications officer.

"I was going to suggest, we'd been kidnapped, and our brains hijacked."
"I'm beginning to think it's a bloody drill." Sin stated.
"I was thinking the XO did something."
"Not according to my controller, she's dealing with a break in the retardant controller, we've got retard flooding in over fifty-two locations throughout the ship." She dug deeper into her controller looking at different systems. Stepping away from the console, Sin dropped to the floor and slipped her gloved fingers into a slot and slid a floor panel open. She stared at the top of a bright neon pink box.

Townsend looked over to them. "I assure you this is not a drill, Someone get me full power to comms, Need to contact the Kilo"

No one moved. Everyone just stared at the man in the big chair. Things like this, just didn't happen. Nothing stopped, just like someone clicked their fingers.

"Are we going to wake up to find this is a dream?" One brave soul directed her question at Sin.
"What are you asking me for?" Sin looked up from the pink 'black box'. "I'm damage not a CD worker."
"Well he said it wasn't a drill."
"Maybe they didn't tell him, it wasn't a drill?" Sin shrugged. Wondering if she plugged into the tube, if everything would return to normal. "Do they do that?"

"Sometimes." Someone else stated. "Maybe he lost a screw when he hit his head and we all got dragged inside his head."
"I'd rather be inside Mad's head." Sin stood there. "I have to say that I'm not overly impressed with CD work."
"Maybe we should hit any button we haven't pressed and see what happens?"
"This is weird. People who want to kill you, just don't stop mid battle."
"I say it is definitely a drill."
"I'm seconding that."
"Maybe it's..."
"Maybe we've been dragged through a time slip."
"A worm hole."
"A black hole."
"Do you mind if I go back to my JT's?" Sin asked. "This is just too nuts."

"What's that?"
"The pink box."
"The pink box?"
"Yeah, they started putting them on planes, trains, trucks to help diagnosis accidents. If this was a drill, this will confirm it."
"I thought they were black?"
"SF elected to make it neon pink so it would be easily identified in wreckage."

"What's the yellow cylinder?"
"Drill instructions." Mad's sleeve answered, as she appeared still completely enveloped in pink fluffy marshmallow retardant, dripping bits dragging behind her. "Because of the advanced programming used in vessels like this one, they need to basically code the computer's response. Telling it that it is a drill and what level of response it is to give."
"Are you saying a drill?"
"I'm saying that that yellow cylinder isn't normally part of the eye system." Mad glanced at no one in particular. "It's put in by either an accessor, or DCE to tell the ship's computer how to react."
"Do you think it's a drill?"

Mad looked at Sin. "Did the Admiral give instructions?" Taking in Sin's face. "Waylin."
"I don't like this."
"Damage doesn't do CDeck duty. You know how everything works, attach your controller and work system by system. Forget the console."
"My head feels like mince."
"If you can do damage, you can do CDeck."
"Comms. He wanted comms to contact the Kilo."
"And that means?"

"Overload the DD5, bypass the power node, which will take all the power from engineering, keeping power flowing to medical and double back I8, passing over O9 through 042." Sin's brain kicked in.
"Kill Q21 through T1. A6, A8, B11, C19, D2 though D16. Switch junctions P5, P6 and P11, twist employ CF67. Bring....."
"Bring H00154 online and squash Comms 8 into the interchange, adapt 654228 and when CLR goes orchid, I can modify release 2 to enhance comms."

"Do you think this is a drill?"
"Does damage care what caused the problem?" Mad asked.
"No, we don't care, we just deal."
"Then does it matter, if this is a drill?"
"Does it matter if it was caused by anyone?"
"If the bloody CEO yanked anything affecting Halo, then I'm going to kick her arse." Sin started pulling up floor plates, her brain back in the game.

"No, I'll apply the boot." Mad stated looking at the Admiral. "Did you ask for anything else Admiral?"
The Admiral shook his head.

"My board just lit up. I've got a Damage 7-11-13 code."
"Bloody Engineers." Sin uttered.
"Computer initiate DCP6. Authorization Mad."

"Termination of CE is allowed under Maltida." A pair of holographic hands appeared, hovering in mid air, which immediately began to sign, while the female voice spoke.
"Thank you Maltida, you know I like the feel of blood under my nails. I don't need anyone's help to kill. Isolate GE functions. Isolate and contain all GE access. Set DCP 29. Advise CEO."

"Ah, DCP29?" Sin glanced up from where she lay head buried in an open floor plate.

"Damage Control Protocol 29. Locks anyone with Engineering Protocol access out, from doing anything unless the highest ranked DCE concurs. Another new addition. Allows Damage to advise what's top priority. We have to be at DCE6 before CEO gets their access back." Mad turned to the Admiral. "Was there anything else Admiral?"

"Admiral, sensors are limited, but from what I can tell, all ships are holding position, the romulan weapons are still powered up, but they're..." He paused, "They're just sitting there." John replied from Tactical.

Townsend stood and moved to stand by the Commander. "Now why the hell would they do that?"

Sin rolled her eyes, knowing full well that Mad had to have her HUD activated. So she shook her head and mouthed. I want off the CD. Getting a thumb signal from Mad, she turned her attention back to her task.

"USS Ross to both USS Kilo and USS Halo."

The Admiral sighed happily. "This the Halo Go ahead Ross"

A Beeped sounded and Showed both Captains, Captain white on the Odyssey class bridge and the Small Rosse Class Bridge.

Kilo was currently silent due to some comm issues, But they could hear and listen and see.

"Commodore Collins dispatched us to your location after receiving your automated distress signal. She had extra medical and engineering, along with Hazard and Marines onboard Sir." The Ross's BC sitter answered. "We're just in contact with Kilo and we're preparing to initiate a D&D since your transporters are out. D&D in two Admiral."

"Well Seems like She is Worth my While, Thanks, Get those over as fast as possible"

"On their way Admiral." Came the Ross's reply.

Main Engineering

Dorna had started a diagnostic to know where to direct repairs when the computer suddenly informed her that her access was suspended per DCP29. Loud growls and grunts of anger and frustration burst from the Tellarite Engineer in answer. Any crew standing near her dispersed to safer ground, unwilling to face any impending wrath.

Dorna closed her eyes and tugged her uniform shirt back into place, working to find a calm she didn't want to feel. After a minute, she opened them and hit her comm badge.

=/\=Villersh to Battle Bridge! Which one of you thrives on redundancy?? By the Great Sty, I already KNOW my access is limited! Why not shoot me in the hoof so I'm weak as a pog too? Why don't I "swab the decks" as you Earthers say, hmm? I'll do as much good then!=/\=

Dorna slapped off the connection, not waiting for an answer. 'Stupid pogs!' She mumbled, trudging off to find Ty and discuss the next steps.

=/\=Commander, Sorry about that, DCP has everything fucked up, Right now, Get us back to full power on every Deck, Give a damn about DCP, As of now, I am deactivating some of those damn protocols"=/\= Within minutes some controls were restored. =/\="Commander there you go, Townsend out"=/\=

=/\=Thank you Admiral! At least SOMEONE knows what they're doing!=/\= Dorna snorted hard as she slapped her badge. Turning back to her people, she growled out orders to stem the tide of the bleed that was her Lady. Within half an hour, Engineering had restored at least 25% more power to the ailing Halo. Dorna hit her badge once more.

Mad's HUD identified the voice and grinned, her expression hidden by the retardant fully covering her. She'd wondered how long it would take for Townsend to yank the natural order. Watching the single clock starting to count down, she let it continue to count. Kowing full well that her hoofed friend, would know as well what would happen as a result of the Admiral's yank. Mad let it slide. He'd find out in about ninety minutes, if he didn't do anything reckless, or if he did a lot sooner. She hadn't written the protocol and while she didn't agree with some of it, she did other bits. Townsend didn't seem to understand or care that some protocols were there for a reason.

=/\=Villersh to Townsend. We've got you 25% more power right now. It's all we can give quickly. I'll have more restored as much as DC will al-=/\=

Dorna cut the connection as she turned and saw what an ensign was about to do. "No dammit! Use the Hyperspanner on that, you mukkup! I'll space you in a millisecond the next time you get it in your head to use a Spanner there! You wanna blow this whole ship up while you're at it? That's a sure way to do it!" She ripped the offending instrument out of the woman's hand and slapped the right one in its place, causing the ensign to wince in pain. With a shake of her head and a grunt, Dorna stomped off to put the tool in a nearby locker. "We'll need your expertise they said...HA!" She threw her arms up as she groused, her tawny braid flying off her shoulder to slice the air behind her.

Vector 2-Figther Bay Hanger

Sandy was way ahead and needed no further urging. Situation was critical and the need to launch all her fighters to fly ACP(Air Combat Patrol) and fend off the Romulans. "All fighters launch now!" she shouted before she closed the canopy. One by one they launched and took up their positions accordingly. =/\= Sandy to bridge, all fighters launched and in ACP positions. Orders sir?=/\= she said.

Bruke sat in her cockpit, Smiling ear to ear. She pulled up next to Sandy ready for orders.

=/\=Take up a defense position in front of the Halo, the Kilo and Ross are gonna be following as well=/\=

=/\=Yes we not only have to fly ACP but we also have to protect the other ships as they arrive. Keep your eyes open. I did teach you how to fly WWII fighter tactics for nothing. Use them out here just as I taught you, Burke=/\= Sandy said.

=/\=Sorenson to Capt. Phoenix, All fighters now flying ACP to the Ross and Kilo as well as the Halo. Any further orders?=/\=

Tag Capt Phoenix

Bruke followed close behind the Colonal while the 1st Lt. Lead the Second Attack wing.

Tag:1st Lt. Alexeievna

USS Ross NX-902813

"Situation Report please."
"Halo has received major damage, she's under DCP."
"Kilo.... is trying to raise her, but her communication is not fully on-line."
"We're picking up goobly dook about Kill the CEO over the comms line, sir."

"What is DCP?"
"Damage Control Protocol. A new SF protocol, which is suppose to keep Captains and Engineers from causing cascade failures by taking the ship into areas it shouldn't be taken."
"Establish comms with both Halo and Kilo." The man in the big chair instructed.

"USS Ross to both USS Kilo and USS Halo. Beaming status."

"First load successfully dropped. Second load in progress. Kilo's people attached. Sir." She didn't bother worrying anyone by adding that the DCEP (Damage Control Engineering Protocol) meant that they could end up anywhere. "Beaming complete in forty three seconds. Sir."

USS Halo Main Engineering

The first load of extra help landed exactly where the Chief Engineer was standing. All twelve came crashing down on her, taking her to the ground when they crashed down. Three pieces of decorative paneling decided now was the right time to join the party as the retardant filled the inner compartment and came flying out of the inner space at the strength of a fire hose.

A Tellarite version of a roar rose in volume as the malleable mass erupted like a geyser and Dorna burst forth small fists first. She scuttled over the bodies that had tried to make her a carpet and onto solid ground. Whirling back, the fists returned and landed on her hips. Her porcine nose was curled up and all her teeth and tusks were displayed for all to see. "Get up NOW you lazy sots! Sleep later, we got work to do!" She took 2 steps back and regarded the now moving mass. "I'll tell you this once and once only, so perk those olfactory senses NOW!"

The group righted themselves and stood at attention, eyes front. Dorna walked forward, arms behind her back, hands clasped. "On this ship, you will refer to it as HER! She is MY Iron Lady & you will treat her AS a Lady! Neither of us is the LEAST forgiving of idiocy, so don't BE one!"

Dorna stopped and held a hand out and a PADD was put there. Looking down at it a moment, she nodded after a silent moment. Passing it back, she walked in front of them and stopped. "Here's what we're gonna do. Any of you who have DC experience, go check in with my ACEO, Lt. Waylin." She pointed towards Ty and some of the group departed. The remaining she eyed critically before giving them their assignments and watched them disperse.

Dorna zipped away and to a less vociferous part of her Sanctum and hit her comm badge once more. =/\=Villersh to T'Farr! Get those damned Transporters fixed NOW! I don't like getting litters dumped on me!=/\= The Vulcan acknowledged her calmly as ever, and the Chief slapped her badge once more.

Dorna then hopped to the replicator and got some hand tools. Grumbling to herself, she tucked herself into an air vent that was crackling with electricity.

Ty'Ryn was frustrated with herself. The new protocols were a headache in it's self. She would have to learn from Mad when this was finished and had some rest to actually study with Mad. Muttering she went to fix some ODN conduits.

USS Halo Medical

The second twelve D&D group, managed to stay on their feet as they were dropped and dumped, landing with their gear into the exact place, they were meant to go. All twelve members were part of medical. Ranging from doctors, Rescue and Response personnel, two surgeons, a dentist, several nurses, trauma specialists, and a pathologist.
Kate looked up. "Who the hell are you?!? And what are you doing in Our Sick bay!!" Kate Asked with anger

" Who is in charge here? We need all the help we can get Dr Townsend. " Spade replied.

Kate knew she shouldn't have done what she just did. "Sorry commander, Kinda heat of the moment."

" Hormones no doubt. It's all good Dr Thompson. Scrub in folks and help where you can. We are using emergency provisions and saving power. Use your resources and imagination so long as nobody dies.: Spade replied.

USS Halo Battle Bridge Vector Two

The third group landed hard two of them slipping in the retardant Mad had brought with her. Once they started to unbalance, they reached out to grab what they thought was stable, only to find themselves propelled across the deck, as a single piece of decorative plating came free, forced off by the build-up of retardant behind. Once the DP was free, the flow of pink retardant quickly escaped from it's confines, out onto the battle bridge.

Townsend was surprised on the amount of officers being brought over.

Sin slammed the floor plating back into place, as she rushed towards Mad and the escaping retardant. Four hands reached for straps that dangled from toolbelts. As several members of the drop and dump load, also DCE members immediately dove into action.

"Sorry Admiral Townsend." One of the others wearing an engineering colored suit apologized to the Admiral. "With your transporter out of action, we were dropped and dumped, so we weren't sure of where we'd land. There are thirty six of us with more on standby." He stated, glancing beyond the Admiral at the bulging wall. Nudging Black with his boot, he nodded towards the far side of the area.

Glancing across at the moving plate, Mad rolled her eyes. =/\+ Black to Hoof. We've got a major retardant dispersal issue. We need DP pulled on each deck to relieve the load. Black to all DCE. Start pulling DPs to relieve RDI. Black to all crew, if there is a section of any floor, wall, or ceiling that is bulging, wiggling, or moving, report it now. =/\+

"Is that your first instruction?"
"Send half of your E quota to Hoof. The other part starts pulling."
"Got it. GE report to the CEO. Damage with me." He stopped at the door and glanced back at Mad.
"No, he doesn't know, or didn't get the memo." Nodding, he shook his head and left the Battle Bridge.

"Going in." Mad stated, at the moment her main priority was, as Hoof called it 'Her Iron Lady.' this was her first concern. "Admiral Townsend, I'd like to have a discussion when the time's right about these protocols and what happens when you override them." Mad's sleeve spoke, the volume adjustment increasing as she and her pink retardant disappeared into the inner sanctum.

"It's Fine, Now let's get this bitch up and running before those Pointed ear bastards decide to grow some balls" Townsend ordered

Main Engineering

The Tellarite cursed even as a small grin slipped through. =/\=Villersh to Hands. Yeah, I'll send 'em. Got Ty sifting the newbies in and we'll take care of my Lady. Now quit hogging my comms and move your bubble butt!=/\= That said, she dove back into the air shaft she was working in.

"Excuse me, I was told to...."
"Thank me titties. As Granny used to say." Sin almost roared as she caught sight of a woman in the right colour uniform. Grabbing her controller, she gave a push and slid across the deck. "Communications has full powererererererer." Sin grabbed ahold of a railing and swung herself out of the battle bridge, rising to her knees and then to her feet. Sliding a bit further, she took one running steps and then let her boots gravity soles grip lightly as she ground herself to a halt.

Mad rubbed her hip as she squirmed past a narrow interjunction and slid down a drop, ending up swamped by more retardant. Feeling the difference, she finger spelt her message out. =/\+ Black to Hoof. Interjunction 336594 is filled to overflowing with solidified retard. I'm heading to Safety Systems Depo. Retardant has to be coming from one the Batch Producer. =/\+ And for it to be coming from there, meant someone hadn't completed the linkage, linking the batch producer to it's relayer, which passed information on from the ships environmental systems, there scanners which read the conditions throughout the ship, and passed them via their readers to the SSD which lead the ships response via the BP. And on a ship this size. There was over 300 SSDs and they were among many of the ships independent systems, since the ship split into three. Meaning each part had it's own set of independent systems, which only flowed together if the linkage joins were aligned, when the three parts were as one. The more they advanced the ships, the more they had to separate systems which were one, into however many they would become. Split one ship into three, meant having three of everything. Replacing hard pipe once travelling the height of the ship, now became three pipes, traversing three ships, only joining when the pipes came together as one. Off by an inch in alignment, meant retardant in this case was able to escape it's confines and clog the ship. Whoever the someone was that thought splitting a ship into three parts was, certainly wasn't damage. it wasn't like they had nothing to do already. Each time someone thought doing something like this, really hadn't considered whether it was such a good idea. Each time someone thought doing something like this, really hadn't considered the flow on affect. And as usual it was Damage that got caught in the middle.

=/\+ Mad, are you okay? Your suit is indicating your response time is slowing? =/\+ Mad's sleeve translated Sin's words into sign.

=/\+ At Seventy Six hours. =/\+ Mad's response was short and sweet. Since the Yackandrah incident she needed to sleep seventy five minutes for every fifty five hours she was awake. And she was overdue. Mad continued to wiggle through the Halo's innards, rolling onto her side to make it through one particular tight area, she flicked on her locator, just in case and forced herself to keep moving.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Sin bellowed, as she watched the group of people attempting to remove Decorative Floor Plating. "And I'm totally sure that Medical are going to be thrilled, when people start getting carried to Medical because they couldn't tell that there were holes in the floor." Sin's loud voice brought everyone to a stop. "Ceiling and walls people. We are not into sending other crew to medical. There are rules that must be followed when it comes to floors."

"Sorry Lt, when we pulled off the plating further along the wall, we encountered a really bad smell."
"It was like something died and their carcass hadn't been recovered."
"Down here Lt." Sin glanced in the direction of a group of marines.
"Yep, that's the same, only bolder."
"I'm telling you that's ripe."

"Enough." Sin yelled. "You were told to do this in full suits." Sin looked at everyone of them, and they or had one thing in comment. Their helmets were clipped to their shoulder harnesses. Though while their suits were nonAtmos they weren't DCE NonAtmos. Whatever had died, wouldn't have been identified. "Lock those bloody helmets in place."

"Come on Way....."
"Lock'em in place. That wasn't a request. You put your suited weight onto a section where you've taken away the plates. You are going to have to be dug out floors below. We've got over seventy-one areas on the ship that have full retardant flooding. No helmet and you're dead." She didn't make it sweet; she gave it direct. "I see anyone pulling DPs without a helmet and a rebreather and I'll jettison you after I remove your bloody helmet. Clear."

"Clear." They yelled back.

=/\= DCE1 Waylin to CMO. We've got a ripe decomposing body of some kind three meters from V2 Battle Bridge. Use Mylo for a grid reference. DCE1 Waylin to Marine S&R. I need a team in full suit with helmets and rebreathers to Mylo. Bring at least three body bags. We have an unknown deceased ripe decomposing body in the Halo's innards. Helmets on. =/\=

"What is it Williams."
"Aren't we supposed too not say..."
"I'm tired Williams. I really don't give a shit whether I upset anyone. Something is dead and in Halo's innards and that is my darn zone. I don't give a rats arse if anyone has problems knowing that fact. You can't volunteer to get into the innards because you're too fucking big. If people want to think Damage killed someone who got in my way, then it just may stop someone else from doing exactly that. You can front Black if you'd like to argue the point."

When he didn't take up the offer, she got on her knees and started a search by feel. "Any other questions?"

"Why three bags?"
"Because the innards of a spaceship are tempered differently. Bodies tend to mummify. They decompose at first then when the fat, oils and liquid has reduced to a point, they start the mummification process. Whatever died, smells. Which means three bags will stop any drips or leakage while it's taken to medical."

"Have you found many dead in ship innards?"
"Five. Four from a construction accident and this one. I believe Mad's count is upwards of sixteen."

Turboshaft near Battle Bridge

She heard movement coming nearer and tried to drag meat faster, but it got stuck...

must pull harder

tug tug tug...meat moved! tug tug tug...

She could hear her pups whining behind her as the human voices grew louder. A hand reached out, trying to grab the meat... "Grrrr!!!!" She said and pulled meat away.

"Oh ugh! It's getting STRONGER here! Guys, I just managed to touch it! Hand up that body bag!" She heard the being speak... "NO NO!" She told them, though they heard barking. She dropped meat and retreated to her pups.

Cannot get the pups! Protect!

Once more, she growled and barked over her shoulder on her way to her precious ones. She covered her litter quickly, eyes riveted ahead and growling low.

No hurt! Protect! Must Protect!

"Ouch! Damn, I swear there is something alive in there!"
"Don't be daft! It can't be dead and ....."
=/\= Medical we may not have a dead body. It may be ....A...L...I...V...E. =/\= The male spelled out the word, almost as if saying it would bring about some major catastrophic failure.
"Don't be stupid. We all smelt the smell. It was like rotting flesh!"
"It was beyond dead."
"It was what decomposing flesh smells like."
" How would you know you choose Damage to avoid having to work."

Wilson shot Walker a glare. "During my first ship duty, we were called to assist a construction crew, building some giant station. Someone had gone too far and taken eight others with them down an incomplete TL shaft. halfway down, one of them saw what they reported as half a body in one of the associated links. We had to go down the shaft to help rescue the workers who had fallen, then some of us we sent on a wild goose chase to find the dead body."

"And it wasn't dead. A group of homeless people had stolen suits from somewhere and were actually living in the construction site." Sin added. "It was one of Mad's unusual tales. And all of her tales are real." Sin looked at the original speaker. "Listen carefully are you sure it moved?"

"It was..."
"Yes or No."
=/\= Mad we may have a code 99.=/\= Sin delivered the news. As if having an unknown moving 'form' within the innards was an everyday occurrence.
=/\+ AMDAL. =/\+

"Right. Anyone not carrying protective shielding for their gloves, does not put their hands into the innards." Sin instructed. =/\= DCE1 to all search teams, damage, engineering, and marines. If you've got protective shielding for your gloves, add it now. If you don't, do NOT stick your hands anywhere near any area classed as innards. =/\=

"Jones.." Billemy heard the com announcement.
"Black is on this ship. Where Black is the strange is normal. I went protective all over before we beamed." Jones wiggled from side to side, as he continued his slow path through the open innards. "And no I'd rather not have you run through every code that could match the call to go protective."
"Where's the fun in that?"
"You are too bloody big to fit. You pay your dues, when it comes to pulling things apart. So just don't go there."

"Where's the fun in that?"
"And don't bother making it public when we return to Kilo. Our whacked CEO will shit himself if he thinks there is something alive running through his bloody pride and joy."
"Now I didn't think..."
"Billemy." It was a growl.

It only took one, and she was a communications person, and she loved listening in to everyone's conversations, just to be ahead of everyone else. Sitting cross-legged on her bunk, Julie typed in her question, cursing when her PADD refused to give her access to the codes that damage control used. So she was forced to do what she did to her best. Screaming loud enough to cause people to come running, she pushed herself back against the wall and screamed again. Playing scared her eyes wide with delight when one of the twelve women who appeared in response, was another major gossip. She pointed to the vent. "I saw it. It had big floppy red ears, and it was making growling sounds."

And that was all it took. Within minutes, calls were flooding through to every department, every officer, engineering, marines, medical, science, operations, and of course the battle bridge. There were over one hundred and eleven sightings of a furred, scaly, ridged, smelly creature ranging from small through to squashed and unable to move easily through the Jeffries Tubes, to something that shrunk when it needed to and expanded when it didn't move through the Halo's walls. And everyone wanted to tell their tale.

=/\= Excuse me Lt, but we're in the middle of a live situation here. Seeing a rat moving is not my concern. Yes, I'll alert the Admiral. No, I don't believe the Halo's entire Marine and Security force need to crawl through the J.... sorry Lt, No I don't believe the Halo's entire Marine and Security force need to crawl through the vents and begin shooting at anything that moves. Yes, Lt. Thank you. I'll see that the XO is advised. =/\= "UUUUGG! Hell, I liked it better when the comms didn't work. Admiral Townsend. That's now two hundred and twelve sightings of our new crew sir." Taking in his expression, she took a deep breath. "Yes sir, the furry one running loose in the working area behind the decorative plating. Yes, sir, I've passed it on to Damage, Engineering, Marines, Science, Security, and Medical, the latter in case it has rabies. Yes sir. What the hell is rabies?" She answered the next caller.

She licked her last pup clean from its milking, tucking it in closer to give it warmth. She scanned the area before her and snort sneezed. Meat was still in front of her, barring the 2-legged from her precious newly born and still close enough to give herself nourishment.

After long time, she heard something sliding closer. She licked each of her pups quickly, then got up to stand behind Meat. She growled soft and low in her throat, watching. They were getting closer, so she growled louder....closer...louder...

Time to stop them! She ran to just before her domain, telling the thing to stop with sharp barks.

"Hey! I hear that thing! Gimme that bag! And that smell's getting WORSE!"

"Yeah, yeah keep your shirt on!" There was a grunt of annoyance and a rustling. "Here!"

"Got it, thanks." The cadet pulled the body bag up and crawled further down the shaft. "Blimey, this is gross!"

They weren't going away! Must protect! Must protect! She turned the corner and saw a ...face? Don't know!

A line of brownish-red fur bristled up on her back and she rushed forward, baring her teeth. She barked piercingly loud now.

No! Go! You come for pups! NO!

Suddenly, something wooshed before and almost on her, the air cold on her fur. It made face scarier...she jumped back. Missed! She retreated once more, standing at the juncture of the shaft where her pups were.

"Damn! Almost got it!" Rustling and soft banging against the grates then he crawled forward again toward the little furball. This time, he threw the bag and the thing was under the confines. "Got it!" he yelled as the thing squirmed. He pulled the bag towards him and the thing fell on its behind, squirming, bellowing, and sliding.

NO! pups! must get to pups! She whined and barked desperately, pushing against the confines of the strange moving...bag? No! Pups! No! my babies!!!!
She tried to get out, she pushed, she bit, but nothing helped. The face now had arms and she was being pulled towards the face.

"I got something! I got something!"

"Quit kicking me!! What is it?" The ensign pushed at the bouncing boots as he asked.

"It'' Yeah! it's a dog! Some scraggly-ouch dammit! stop kicking me! Some scraggly looking thing! Here pull me back & I'll give it to yo-hey! don't bite me! Stop that!"

The cadet slid out of the shaft, pulling a dirty, thin dog with him in a body bag. A chorus of "aww's" and "how cute" rang out as the dog was wrestled out of the body bag and into various arms. One young crewman happened to look underneath it and their eyes widened.

"It's a SHE! Aaannnnddd...if I'm seeing right, she'!!!" The last words were sung and the last was triumphant and loud.

"What?? How do YOU know?"

"We had dogs growing up. You don't forget the sight of them having pups!"

At this, one of the young crewmen went and found Sin. "Uh Sir? We found one of the things that's been hanging around the shafts. We've got a dog...and she has pups. What do we do with her? We haven't found the babies yet...or any bodies..."

"You've got what? Did you say dog? What did you say about puppies?" Sin asked. "But no body." Sin looked at the pair. "Take the dog to the CMO, get him to confirm it doesn't have any blood diseases. Get it cleaned up, and have the CMO implant a locater chip. We may have to let it go, and we'll need that locater, to track the mum, to find the puppies. =/\+ Mad, we've got an adult dog, mum. She's had puppies, but we haven't got them yet and no body.=/\+

=/\+ Yeah, I'm taking ten. =/\+ Her head was pounding, and her eyelids wouldn't cooperate. Laying down on the floor, Mad let her eyes close. Setting her comms to wake her in ten minutes. =/\+ At the moment, she really needs sleep more than she needed the retard.

Sin eyed the mum. "Well mum, you wouldn't mind revealing where your babies are would you?" Sin asked. "Okay, CMO, give her a wash, then bring her back."

She squirmed and cried, wanting to get back to her pups, wanting away as she was passed from hands to hands. She knew the voices...talking.... happy... some soothing. One in charge asked if she could show the pups...and meat was...body? No, it's meat...

She was cradled in warm arms and taken away. She had no choice but to go where she was being taken...

She sniffed the one who held was an old scent......the laugh......she liked that...go up and taste...go up and say thank you......they laughed! She definitely liked the sound!

"Ah.." Sin looked at the speaker one eye opened. "Never mind." The man backed away. =/\= Damage to CEO, get you... would you please find your smallest engineers, and see them into NonAtmos and accompany them to my location please. All my Damage are too bloody big, and Mad is over her fifty five hours. I'm going to have to use you to assist with the repairs. =/\=

=/\=Acknowledged, Damage. I'll get 'em over to you.=/\= Dorna grumbled in Tellar but didn't translate it to Standard, she just looked around her part of Engineering for what was needed. Pointing to various people, she called out "You, you, and you! Get in NonAtmos the lot of you and get up to the Battle Bridge. They need you, so go!" She waved them away absently as she hit her badge again. =/\=CEO to Damage. Sin, they're on their way. Enjoy!=/\= Dorna went back to doing what she could to get her Iron Lady patched up enough to function.

Mad blinked, when her sleeve started vibrating against her skin, struggling, to clear the fog, kicking out the nearest covering, she climbed to her feet, hearing the DCEO's voice over the comms.

Mad stood into the transporter centre and slid her gloved hand under the Vulcan's stopping him from opening a necessary panel.

"Let's just consider a few things T'Farr." Mad stepped between him and the panel. "According to my information. You have not been trained on splitters. If you were considering doing something to a splitter, that you would do on a non splitter, and if the action you did, caused me, as Damage authority, more work, because you're not in the right place, so that what you do is done to all Transportation elements at the same time, like it needs to be on a splitter. Chances are high that I'm going to beam you and the rest of general engineering............ Actually that's a bloody good idea." Mad stepped back and entered a key onto her sleeve.

Maltida appearing in the form of two hands and a mouth. Signing, Mad stopped Maltida from speaking.

"DCP protocol 666. Authorisation Maddison Mad Black." Mad spoke herself.

"Code Required."


"Code accepted. Transfer of all non Splitter Identified crew locked for beaming."

"Include all GE."

"GE Included."

"Set beaming commencement as seven minutes." Mad instructed.

"Seven minutes to beaming commencement. Transporter D&D control overridden. Kilo & Ross D&D functions under authority of DCE Authority." Maltida responded.

"Begin D&D Countdown." Mad instructed. She looked at T'Farr and pointed to the door. Her look said enough, and he quickly exited stage right.

Hoof grumbled at hearing Hands's voice in her NonAtmo suit say "Damage Protocol 666. Authorization 50361306". Before the transporter could hit, she made the pink disk come up on her wrist display. "Damned if I'm leaving now!" she intoned.

Without another thought, Dorna headed for the Jeffries Tube entry point in Engineering. Considering the Turbolifts would be out, she began her ascent to the Battle Bridge.

=/\=Hoof to Hands. I'm coming to your position via Jeffries Tube. Don't leave!=/\= The Tellarite called via comm badge.

Mad growled and showed her teeth. =/\+ Yes Hoof, slow down. Nobody needs to see your furry butt. =/\+ Mad stated, standing in the transporter room. She knew giving her equipment was going to come back and bite her in the butt. And it looked like today was going to be that day.

Mad thought about slithering further into what were know as the Splitter Zones, the areas that actually did all the work when the ship split/divided into three, but then she'd probably have to go back in search of Hoof, so she simply sat there waiting.

Dorna grumbled as she slipped on the occasional run up the Tube. Thankfully and her lungs burning with effort, she emerged near the Transporter Room Hands was in. Grumbling in Telllar, she ran again.

Finding it at last, Dorna slid to a stop. Grabbing her friend's shoulder, she pushed her towards the pads. "You...go...NOW!" She panted. The Tellarite went to the controls and set them to go. She skittered up, turning to Hands. "My Iron Lady's falling to pieces! Damn those pointy eared -" The last word was unintelligible Tellar. Dorna hit her communicator. "Energize!" she barked. She relaxed slightly at the feel of disorientation as the shimmer surrounded them, eyes on Hands as they disintegrated.


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