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Halo - New situation

Posted on 2024, Tue Mar 19th, @ 8:19pm by Captain Maddison Black & Lieutenant Teresina Waylin & Admiral Christopher Townsend & Commander Dorna Villersh & Commander Kate Townsend & Commander Victor SPADE & Sergeant Major JB Dersch

1,889 words; about a 9 minute read

Mission: Dark Past’s Are Hidden For A Reason(Halo/Ross/Romulan)

OOC: I couldn't just let this mission end without something really out of the ordinary. So figured I'd start it and it could be written with leisure and slotted in.

Sin sat in the marine office, that had been found, which hadn't been affected by the current situation. Mad leant against the wall. The CEO sat in another seat across from Sin and opposite Mad. CMO Spade sat next to Dorna. The rest of the seats were filled with the Admiral, Major Dersch, Counsellor Townsend, and the Security Chief.

Sin nodded when Mad glanced in her direction. Her sleeve was off. This time she, herself would talk.

"Called you here. We have problem. There problem from building Halo. Part Safety System not complete."

"Mad called you here, because we have a problem. The problem was created from the Halo's construction period. Halo's Safety System is not complete." Sin nodded to Mad.

"Believe one two SSDs not connected. Retardant came out system. Retardant hard." She held up two bags. One with what the retardant was supposed to look like, the other with the cement like solidified retardant. "Must dig out." She indicated the hard sample. "No go back SSD. Not problem."

"Damage and Engineering believes there is one or two of the Safety Systems are not complete. Which meant it left the pipes and solidified. The only thing we can do, is shovel it up, bag it and hand it over to an Organic Burn Facility. 113 does not have an OBF, Kalkarindji does. But that's not the problem you need to be told about."

"Air purification systems off. Retardant. Every person, any person touch anything no gloves. Get thrush. Yeast Infection. Men. Women." Mad pointed to her breasts, her female bits, her eyes, throat, tongue, behind her knees and moved her fingers like she was scratching.

"We couldn't leave the air purification systems on with the retardant problems. So anyone onboard the Halo who has touched any single thing without gloves, is going to get one hell of a dose of thrush. For those not having experienced thrush. It is a yeast infection which will attack, the underside of the breast or chest area. your male or female bits, both inside and out. your eyes, throat, tongue, and but not limited to the back of your knees. It can be treated medically. It can occur from a mild itch to a bloody awful one, that will drive you absolutely nuts. In our training, you're treated with an injection or tablet and given a cream to apply on the itchy areas. It doesn't matter what you touched; the retardant relies on the purification system. Unfortunately, the best retardant is the pink one. Normally the purification system keeps it at bay. However, when a ship or station has this much retardant out, thrush goes hand in hand with it. A two second glide of your skin against an object is enough to introduce the condition. And I am extremely happy to say, our NonAtmos layers are saturated with the medication, so if anyone wearing a NonAtmo like Damage, the CEO and some of her people and some of the Marines, the SECO and some of his people won't display it. Everyone else, including those who are wearing a SF suit will definitely get it. If anyone beamed over to the Halo will have to stay here, unless they were in a NonAtmo the entire time. If they go back without scrubbing their suits, they will infect the ships they go back too."

"Halo... not able take suit off, scrub."

Chris looked to the Cheif Medical officer. "Commander Spade, Hows things down in Med Bay?"

" Damn itchy and scratchy and cramped. Along with the injuries some of the new ones are coming in with thrush. I am analysing a possible help for that. What's the status above us?" SPADE replied." If it's like that up top evac suits can help."

"Everyone must get treated and get into a suit and stay in it until we reach 113 or Kalkarindji. Take the suit off, and the bloody itch will return."

The Tellarite threw her hands up in the air in annoyance and stared angrily at Mad. "By the Great Sty, you've infected my Iron Lady! This 'pink stuff' you decided to run through her veins should not be able to do this!" she raged, banging her fists on the table and then pointing at the other woman. "YOU need to fix this Hands, not me!" Dorna pointed back to herself. "I'll make sure my people clean up, but no more foolishness!" She cut the air with one palm facing down before her. The CEO flopped back in her chair, arms crossed over her chest, staring daggers at her friend.

"Give rest." She told hoof. "Your blow gets no reaction." She signed and spoke. This wasn't new. She knew that hoof liked to be loud and liked to get her point across. "Deaf, you need deaf blind." She signed to Sin, not to translate. "Take your arse engineering, dance there. And STOP doing damage work." At that point, the room plunged into total darkness. Helmet lights from their NonAtmos lit up the room. "You did this." She told Townsend. "DCP not over ride." Mad told Townsend. "All power gone. Now need tow. Protocol not over ride. Stop stupidity from BC sitter." Mad pointed at Hoof. "Halo advanced more protocol. Higher advanced, more protocol. You need basic ship." She signed to Sin, as she strode out the door. "Gone deaf."

"Ahhh." Sin looked at the Admiral and the CEO. "Well that went well."

Dorna grumbled and groaned, muttering to herself as she went to Engineering once more. "Dance, she says...HA!"

As Townsend sat there, his face contorted with frustration, he knew that the situation at hand needed to be resolved immediately. Despite his anger, he managed to compose himself and asked, "Can you give me an estimate of how many days it will take to fix this?" The urgency in his voice was palpable as he awaited an answer.

"There is only one way to say this. So here it is. The problem is that the Halo splits into three ships." Sin told Townsend. "Unlike a normal ship which doesn't split. Halo basically has three of everything. Try to think of it like this. On a non splitter, there is one pipe going from top to bottom. Halo has three pipes, three of everything. When she splits, covers come over each pipe, vent, wall, JT, TL. The ship basically pulls a blanket over her bed covers. When it recombines, all those things have to line up, before the blanket is removed. Out by a single inch one way or another, and something won't work. The more advanced ship's get, and they're planning larger ships which split into seven parts, they need more safeties. Yes, it's easy to override, only you didn't do it the right way. Engineering follows your orders. Damage is fancy free. You simply sit in your chair and bark orders. The CEO jumps when you bark. On splitters, they use Damage to ensure the ship's safety. You can't just wiggle your nose and demand something appear. The CEO got your comms more power. She took it without going through protocol. She wiggled her nose, because you barked." Sin took a mouthful of water. "Splitters are not general ships. They cost a hell of a lot more than non splitters. They can't just take crews from non splitters and have them work splitters. You bypassed protocol." She looked at Townsend. "Why the hell do you think Mad is on Halo? To ensure this didn't happen. She's here to save your arse, and all you're doing is acting like a bloody kid, outside a donut store, throwing a temper tantrum because daddy won't buy you a chocolate donut. We were in no threat. If you had just asked the lead DCE what they recommended, Mad would have given you alternatives." A hum started to echo through the room. "She's overriding protocol, she has the power. I don't. I'm DCE1, I'm here to learn what Damage does, and how we treat and handle Halo. There are only a few people who have worked on splitters. The more advanced they are, the more safeties they have. Mad knows more about Damage, some gift from the Yackandrah event. Until she calms down, don't irrate her. Mad and the CEO know each other. Mad is your life line to making Halo's systems work. Piss off anyone else, but don't piss her off." Sin screwed her helmet back on. "You think you have access to every system, well Admiral you haven't. On a splitter, you have less access then you had on a non splittler. Damage is not just there to fix the bloody ship when you get it damaged. Mad is pissed off. She's angry because you just turned into a pig, like every other ship's RO. She hates the..." Sin fell silent. "How long? I can't answer that. You'll get what she can give you when she can give you it. I suggest you....." DO systems consoles came alive. "Work with what you get back. Pull your head out of your arse, and let the Ross and Kilo take the lead. And pray, Mad doesn't have to rescue your arse, because I'd ignore any demands to pull you out. And if Damage plants a bomb, you can be bloody sure, it won't blow before it's perfectly placed." Sin looked at the communications, defensive, offensive systems consoles, which were all lighting up the dark area. "If you need Damage, prey I answer. If your actions put a scratch on Damage's ship. It won't be Mad skinning you alive." She glared at him, spinning on her heels and heading for the door. "Consoles lit up should be fully working. Is there anything else, Admiral?" She struggled to get the anger out of her tone.

"No, But I am going to get transport over to the Kilo, I need a operating ship to before I do any sort of Peace treaty shit, Just in case it all gos south." The Admiral rose and moved to the door. "Captain if you want, Get a Secuirty Detail for me, Up to you, the Kilo has its own Secuirty" He then walked out to get to the shuttle bay.

Sin was quite happy to have him off the Halo and had the thought of sending the shuttle not to the Kilo but to somewhere he couldn't come back from, but simply held her tongue. Sin had absolutely no idea who he was referring too, it wasn't Mad, since she'd already left, so she left it in the hands of security and quickly departed the area. The doctor could deal with what came his way regarding the thrush and she was sure it would come soon. Now was a good time for Damage to do what Damage did. Taking the nearest entry point to the Halo's innards Sin decided it was time she did a 'Mad' and traversed through unseen parts of the ship. Bringing up her sleeve, she brought up a list of problems and moved them from GE to Damage, and headed in that direction.


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