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Cadet Freshman Grade Tess

Name Tess

Position Science Cadet

Rank Cadet Freshman Grade

Character Information

Gender Female
MVA Assignment Vector 2
Species Romulan/Vulcan/Human
Age 6

Physical Appearance

Height 4'0
Weight 75
Hair Color Sliver
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Pointed Ears Like Romulan/Vulcan’s, Only Romulan/Vulcan thing visible on her.


Father Unkown
Mother Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kind, Has one hell of a attitude, Really smart
Strengths & Weaknesses +Intelligence, +kindness, +Mind Meld, +Control Her Emotions

-Human Emotions
Ambitions Learn the Romulan/Vulcan ways, but Embrace her both of her parents.
Hobbies & Interests Studying Romulan history, Also Vulcan History

Personal History Tess was dropped off at Star Base 702 at the age of 1 with a note. All the note said was “Her name is Tess, Shes Part Human/Romulan and Vulcan, take good care of her.” Ever since, shes been living on SB702, when having the chance she snuck on board any ship stationed at 702. At age 5 when she fully talk with no problems, she voiced she wanted to learn the ways of different StarFleet crew, So for one year she and a Star Fleet Ambassador, Went from ship to ship learning how different crews operated, some were good, some were bad. By the time she got back to 702 at the age of 6, she was the smartest 6 year on the based, One night while she was just having fun taking apart a Holoemitter, she overheard the Stations Commanding Officer talking to the Ambassador, They wanted to send her off, somewhere she fully learn the ROMULAN ways. She didn’t want that, she wanted to embrace all of her heritage, so she ran. When the nearest cargo ship making runs in DFA Territory, she bolted with a Crate full of stuff and her Dog, T’rell a german shepherd, But got caught by Chris Townsend of the USS Halo and was given a chance, He knew she was smart so he has her as a Cadet on the Halo as a Science Cadet on the Halo.
Service Record Science Cadet-USS Halo-2402-