Admiral Christopher Townsend

Name Christopher Townsend

Position Commanding Officer

Second Position Task Force Guardian Flag Officer

Rank Admiral


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2024, Sat Jun 29th, @ 1:29pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Place Of Origin Earth
MVA Assignment Vector 1-Commanding
Species Human
Date Of Birth(DOB) March 27th, 2377
Age 25
Nick Name Chris

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5
Weight 230
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Scar on Shoulder from Frontiers Day attack, Scar across Chest from LAPD, Scar on Forearm from LAPD.


Spouse Kate Townsend
Children Katie Townsend(2), One on the way
Father Unkown
Mother Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Admiral Townsend is known for his strong sense of duty, his unwavering commitment to justice and order, and his ability to lead in high-stress situations. He is respected by his subordinates for his no-nonsense approach, his strategic thinking, and his willingness to put himself on the line for the safety and well-being of others.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Hard Worker,
+Quick Thinker,,
+Likes To Make Sure Justice Is Delivered TO those who deserve it.
+Patient, Will take long as needed on anyone, or Anything,
+Collaborative, Likes to Get Other Sides of Ideas and Storys

-Competitive, When it comes to Games,
-multitasking, Likes to take on more than one task
-self-criticism, It was not a big problem, But after 2401 it got worse, Since he gave orders to take other Innocent lives
Ambitions Be the Best Commanding Officer he can be, and Protect the Federation and Star Fleet from Harm, And Make sure If anyon

Biggest Regret: Ordering The Death of 8 Fellow Star Fleet Officers During Frontier Day-2401
Hobbies & Interests Reading, Working Out, Weapons Training/Practice, Spending time with Family on the Family Farm on Earth,

Personal History Born March 27, 2377 to Jim and Kimberly, By the time he was 4 they left him in the Foster Care System, and ever since he's been on his own in the Foster Care System He had went through tons of Foster family's but none of them wanted a Kid who was all about leaving home and going to the stars, He had a love for space since he was Young. He went to High School and Graduated with Technical and Academic Honors from Indian Creek High School. During his High School Years he kept mostly to himself, Never really dating anyone, And Never went to the 8th Grade Formal, Or even Prom for that matter, All he was worried about was Getting out of school. After Graduating he moved to California and that is where he finally made his choice to wait a little bit before joining StarFleet and to have a family. Two months after Joining the LAPD he got married to a Human Female Named Kate who was from New Jersey, Who had been visiting a Friend living in San Francisco. He wanted to go back to Indiana but moved to their Current Address in San Francisco. From there he watched the StarFleet Shuttles Leave and go up to space and that's when he made his final choice to join StarFleet.Once More he put his own matters aside when Kate announced she was pregnant, so he waited for Kate to have the Baby. So in the meantime he joined the LAPD. And 16 weeks after the second injury he became a Patrol Sergeant for the LAPD but by then he had enough. He had been injured twice, which scared the living hell out of Kate, so he decided to get a new job. The first injury came from a call at a Bar, Officers Including Chris responded to a bar fight, Chris was first on scene, and once the other officers arrived they went in stop it, That's when on pulled a knife and stabbed Chris in the shoulder all the way to the hilt, Making the tip go all the way through, It end with him in the ER for 6 Hours and on LOA from the LAPD for 4 Months. The Second Injury came from a Domestic Disturbance a few weeks after coming back on from 4 month LOA, Chris had arrived on scene to a Couple fighting, He had asked what was going on, But as always the male got physical towards Chris, so Chris pulled his taser, but the owner pulled a 21st Century 9 mm faster and shot him in forearm 4 times, Going From wrist to Elbow, Once more back in the ER, But instead of LOA he was put on desk duty for another 8 weeks, The Male who shot Chris was a former LAPD Officer, who is now in prison for 25+ Years, for Carrying an Unlicensed Firearm, and Shooting a Officer of the law. After 16 weeks he got promoted to Patrol Sargent. When Katie At first the classes were hard but he had the love and support of his Wife and Daughter. At Graduation day, his daughter Katie gave a little salute and said “Good Job Daddy!” which made his day and made Kate cry. After he Graduated from the Academy he was immediately given a rank of Commander, and Became First Officer on the USS Hanes. Then in 2400. During 2401 Borg/Changeling Attack, Townsend had saved countless Officers, Including His Own Commanding Officers during the main attack, then helped defend Star Base 1 At earth till it was lost. After 2401, Chris was given the medal of Honor, and was given the Rank of Captain for his Heroic acts on Frontier Day. He was also given a Newly Commissioned USS Halo. After looking for a First officer, A Opening Opened up on the Task Force Guardian as the Flag Officer, in Which Chris applied for, Chris had always loved a Challenge. Two Days after Applying, He was Given a Quick Promotion, Which at first, Chris didn't want, But need If he were to be the TFs Flag Officer.
Service Record Los Angeles Police Department-2395-2397
-Patrol Officer - 2395-2396
-Patrol Sergeant - 2396-2397

Star Fleet Academy-2397-2400
-Cadet Freshman Grade- 2397
-Cadet Sophomore Grade - 2398
-Cadet Junior Grade - 2399
-Cadet Senior Grade - 2400

U.S.S Hanes- First Officer-2400-2401
-Captain(Less Than 8 Months)

U.S.S Halo-Commanding Officer-2402-||||||

Admiral Chris Townsend
Commanding Officer, USS Halo