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Dinner conversation

Posted on 2024, Tue Mar 19th, @ 8:15pm by Outpost Captain Savage Ivanov & Lt. Commander Nordic Volkov & Civilian Black Element & Citizen Ivanov Brides & Brigadier General Emily Janeway

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Mission: Welcome To Hell(Outpost/Janeway)
Location: Kalkarindji Deck 299
Timeline: Current

To say it had been an exciting day was an understatement. There hadn't been just a single surprise, and there had been several. But that wasn't what was being discussed now. Seated around the table, was Savage Ivanov, his bride Kyaron, Nordic Volkov and his bride Rowena, Deeton West and his new woman, Emily Janeway, Dr Sugar Glass, Viv, Coolac, and six of Deeton's men. Amadar, Sokar, Colton, Alloway, Juice and Quintan.

Topic of conversation had moved away from the mishap, which had a large group of the current Kalkarindji crew and early arrivals discussing the naked body pieces that had found their way into the gravity pool around Kalkarindji, to discussing Emily's journey. Normally it would have been, just the men and Coolac, who would be having this conversation, but in order to make Emily comfortable, Kyaron, Rowena, Sugar, and Viv had remained at the table.

"Is there anything else you want?" Savage had lifted his wife onto his lap, and rubbed his whiskered face against her neck.

"Something to entice Jardac's attention." Deeton answered, keeping his arm around Emily's waist, thereby keeping her in place on his lap.

"Anything in particular?"

"He was talking about some of the new adjustment cream." Deeton ignored the snort which came from Juice.

"He wants to pretty up his scars." Alloway stated.

"Going to need an awful lot to make them disappear." Amadar tossed.

"He wants perfect skin."

"I know what I'd love to do to his skin."

"Not to mention the rest of him." Quinton added after Colton. "Are you absolutely sure we can't skin the lizard alive."

"As much as I'd personally like to carve him up." Savage looked at Deeton. "I'm not quite ready to up the anty. But he will shortly begin to get the message." Savage didn't miss the shiver that went through his bride. "Coolac."

"I'm in play. It's been decided I'll be going in with D and Qassa." Coolac clarified. "And Quinton is right, I'd very much like a nice pair of lizard skin boots."

"Skinning the bastard and using his hoo ditty doo would be extremely appealing." Colton stated.

"Qassadojise." Nordic raised his glass in Deeton and Emily's direction. "Nice."

"Has class." Sokar stated.
"Sure, as hell beats Bambi."
"You had to bring her up."
"I never in my life thought I'd be running from a woman."
"I still think, she was anything but female."
"Octopus, more like it."

"I must admit though, the sight of you all eyeing up the weapons locker was most entertaining. So much for bad boys." Nordic raised his glass.

"On the subject of your little toys, Volkov. I want them gone." Deeton looked at Nordic, who merely smiled. "It isn't open for discussion."

"Boss?" Nordic asked.

"Tell him where they are. He can lay his hat over the bedroom one." Savage stated. "If he has problems with you watching."

"What!" Deeton was not happy. He ignored the mirth coming from his men. He looked at Savage. "What am I missing?"

"Someone had to tell SF, they were trying too hard."

Every male head turned in Savage's direction.

"No way."
"Are you sure?"
"Are you absolutely sure?"
"For real?"
"Now that's unbelievable."
"Christ, where did she fail?"
"Oh Lordee me."
"Surely not?"
"I thought we had a deal?"
"She wanted only one thing."
"I'm finding that hard to believe."

"Believe it." Savage stated. "Ladies?"

Sugar looked at Viv, who looked back. "Only, if I can add a little....."

"No." Savage slid his hand up Kyaron's leg. "No additions, make it less than normal and include whatever to insure he can't duplicate it. Jardac is mine. What happens to his prime, is your choice, but nothing happens until I say so. He has no idea and I want it to stay that way. Till I find out the rest from the locals, we'll let them lead and supply what needs to be supplied. Clear."


"So, Emily why SF?" Alloway asked. "Maybe we can turn you and keep you."

"And remove the weapons locker." Colton stated with a grin. "We know where all D's secrets are hidden, make it worth our while and we'll tie him up for you."

Emily looked at the people in the dining room to speak calmly and politely. “I'm a good soldier with a good knowledge of weaponry.” As she continued talking to the crowd in the room, on one side of her muscular arm, one of the tattoos turned into the shape of the feathered wings of a bird of prey, a Falcon. “ Also, you may all be wondering why I connected with my foster mother, the prominent Vice Fleet admiral Kathryn Janeway.” I know you presumably have proceeded through the dossier of my confidential information before my arrival.’ Emily finally ended her discussion explanation for Alloway's question; she picked up a drink of dark red wine and continued enjoying her dinner.

"Ummm. Yeah Big Boss likes to know everything about who he agrees to help."

"He is also a nosey bastard."

"You really should be warned that he loves to match make."

Deeton groaned.

"You've got thirty hours. Your last load will be here in twenty." Savage changed the direction of the conversation. "Take whatever you need."

Deeton nodded.

Viv looked at Deeton. "We took Emily shopping and she's got a lot of stuff. From our point of view, she's ready to go. Do you want us to show her around the Warlord?"

"No, we'll head to the hangar and the ship, now. Our gear will be transfer beamed anything she hasn't moved from her shuttle, will be also beamed. As soon as the last lot is onboard we'll be underway." Deeton swung Emily over one shoulder and rose to his feet, his men doing the same.

Savage signaled a man standing nearby and gave him a low instruction before the man disappeared returning minutes later with a box. Taking it Savage passed it over to Deeton, who merely slipped it into his pocket before heading towards the door.

From the door to the TL and Savage's deck to the hangar and passing through security, without a single alarm sounding. Deeton walked up the ramp and onto the Warlord. Running one hand along the wall as he normally did, he came to a dead stop. Swinging Emily down onto her feet, he turned her around, so her back was against his front. "I take it, the furball is joining us?" Deeton asked, eyeing the four-a-legged dog that had come from the shuttle.

Emily shouted “Affirmative my dog is coming along with us” She said while she was walking with Deeton.

"Does the furball have a name?" Deeton steered her towards his suite, guiding her and her pet inside. "Have you heard of a gem called Qassadojise?" Deeton lead her through the reception area, pointing out rooms as he went. The main bedroom, two additional rooms, large bathroom, lounge area, study, small galley decorated in greys and blacks.

As the evening continued, Emily kept walking around the place called Qassadojse. She’s been holding her dog’s leash since Deeton brought him back to her. She told him, "My dog's name is Augustus.” He's a dog breed of the Belgian Malinois. She still looks at him with captivating eyes. “Do I look gorgeous?” she shouted out. But she still doesn't know what Qassadojse even means. Searching through her bags and looking for her private computer terminal so she can work on her intel reports to Starfleet as the emerald ordered her to do so.

"Qassadojise, is a very rare gem." Deeton pulled the box from his pocket, lifted out the bangles inside and slipped one around her arm, midway between her shoulder and elbow, another in the same location on the other arm. Before sitting her on the lounge and freeing her feet from her shoes. Adding the third bangle onto her left ankle and the forth on her right. "Qassadojise, appears black, with flecks of metallic color through it. It's extremely rare, only about a kilogram is found every couple of years. The black color will change, they say it's able to tell your mood. It's actually not a solid gem, it flows. A hard outside with a liquid core, the flecks will float within the black liquid. On the planet where it is found, it's worn only by the goddess. In their lore, the Qassadojise chooses, it's wearer." Deeton added his claim of ownership, his cuffs, his bracelets, his anklets, along with the chain around her waist and finally his collar, before offering her his hand. "Welcome to my world Qassa."

"Sorry, boss but this you're gonna want to handle yourself." Colton interrupted, his voice coming from the other room.

"Make yourself at home. Colton will keep you company, until I finish."

Qassa begins to go to unpacking her clothes in the master bedroom cabinet as Augustus is walking with her. She also pulls out his bed moving in a way that makes facing the main master bed Augustus lays down in his bed look in feeling that he’s content with the arrangements.

"The kitchen.... galley area contains a variety of snacks, and drinks, if you want anything." Colton sat in one of the comfortable lounge chairs. "There's a modernized replicator, though we don't usually use them for food. We eat together or whenever we get a chance. If you want something in particular, just yell 'Brat' and our chef will appear. We all cook, some better than others." Colton watched Augustus. "Is Augustus animal friendly?" He asked. "We have several other animals onboard, they'll appear at some time. Emily." Colton waited till she turned in his direction. "Relax, we don't bite. You do not, will not have anything happen to you, while we're around. We're big, and yes we can be violent, but not to you. You can wander around the ship without permission. You can ask any question."

Elsewhere Deeton shook hands with the man who waited. And their conversation began. "Jardac is expecting an undercover." The man told Deeton. "He's got spies on 113, and Halo. They are easier targets then Kalk. And despite his manner, there are some people that Jardac won't annoy, he's all bark."

"More." Deeton instructed.
"All he has been told is: They are SF. What dept, he doesn't know and he's assuming someone specially trained. A major hard arse. He's locked down his main elements. Sex, he doesn't know and he has tried to find out. He's been told that they're after an article. He's locked down his private collections. He's been told, that you've got treasure onboard, some unique pieces. Several attempts have been made to access Warlord, three of his aren't answering. It's been suggested to him that Kalk needs to blow up. He said Kalk is to be left alone. He is interested in any information anyone has about the floating garbage pile, apparently two were found in his zone. Appeared then disappeared. Word is out that Ivanov lost a large amount of gear and is making noise. He put the word out that anyone seeing you, is to tell you, he'd like a meeting, wherever or whenever. And he wants to meet the new lady you've got."

Deeton handed the man a card. Got his thanks, and watched him leave. "You get that?"

"All of it." The voice came back through his hidden comm. "I'm passing it on now."

"Good. And our hostiles?"

"Six of them are in our holding. Other six are in Kalks."

"Q doesn't leave Warlord." He gave the last instruction heading for the security checkpoint and the TL.

Colton glanced up to see Alloway and Spider leaning against the wall either side of the main door to Deeton's suite, both carrying extra heavy loaders. Returning their nods with one of his own. He knew none of the exit points had been triggered, and they'd had the top five escapees check out the suite, and than they'd had the best.

Emily sitting on a black leather sofa in the middle of the living room. She is wearing a brand-new black dress, high-heeled shoes, and her favorite jewelry. Throughout the evening, she has been listening to conversations in the room. regarding the SF Starbase 113 and SF the Halo, she looks for Colton asking him when will Deeton be back.

"When he finishes whatever, he had to do." Colton refilled Q's wine glass. "We won't leave without him, nor will we eat you." Colton stretched back in Warlord's mess, idly scratching Augustus as he did. "He doesn't have to do a lot, we'd happily take some of the load, but Deeton takes more of his share."

Emily continues to to relax on the sofa “So Q what does the Q continuum have in store for me? Emily Janeway asked Q While she takes a sip out of her drink while she still eating the rest of her banquet. As she also Watching Augustus have fun rolling around in the carpet playing with his favorite toys.

Colton smiled. "You're Q or Qassa." Colton told her. "We give our women a name, we use, instead of their birth name. He told you about the stone, right?" At her look, he grinned. "Qassadojise. It's extremely rare, only about a kilogram is found every couple of years. The black color will change, they say it's able to tell your mood. It's actually not a solid gem, it flows. A hard outside with a liquid core, the flecks will float within the black liquid. On the planet where it is found, it's worn only by the goddess. In their lore, the Qassadojise chooses, it's wearer. If the Qassadojise doesn't like it's wearer the black liquid turns hard, and it would have done that within seconds of going on. There are many myths which go with Qassadojise. There are stories, that when a male touches it, he can see the woman that he is to be with. It's supposed to be able to lead him to his women. They say it'll pull them together. There isn't a lot of it found, so those in the know, stay away from wearer's. When a man is prepared to pay it's price, there is little he wouldn't do to keep the woman wearing it."

Colton smiled at her. "Is there anything else that the Boss, said that didn't make sense?" He watched her face. "You're going through, what we all went through. Don't try to understand everything. If you don't understand, show your confused face, and one of us will explain."

Qassadojise nodes her own head while walking into the master bedroom to dress out her current clothes into some warm pajamas as she washed herself up inside the master bathroom and went to sleep on the master bedroom mattress since she was all tired out her dog was curled up in his own bed on the floor after Colton has already walked him to go to his business, and fed his food to Augustus just the way he likes it. He fell asleep content satisfaction.

"Problems?" Spider asked quietly after Colton reappeared.
"Nope. She's curled up sound asleep." Colton slid back onto the lounge chair.
"She caught up?"
"Who knows. She's female, their brains work differently."
"Boss sent a message, he'll be back within the hour and the final load just touched the hangar."


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