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Brigadier General Emily Janeway

Name Emily Jones Janeway

Position Commanding Officer

Second Position Commanding Officer

Rank Brigadier General

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6’
Weight 120 muscular athletic build
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color dark brown
Physical Description Muscle build with military cut style of haircut, uniform military combat boots,combat dog tags which identifies her name, race rank and ship, position, also her own physical condition appearance as well lately she’s been in recovery from her ordeal with her accident poisoning that assassin attempted on her own life with unknown reason,


Father Unknown
Mother Birthmother unknown, adopted mother Kathryn Janeway
Other Family Living grandmother Gretchen Janeway of my foster mom’s side of the family, Former Voyager crew Member , her dog named Augustus and her boyfriend’s dog named poppy

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mostly a military brat and stowaway onboard the uss.Voyager during which war, I began my career in Starfleet under the protective care and guidance from the Star Fleet’s leadership and her learning her foster mother how to become a captain
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Hard-working,good knowledge of federation weapons schematics to field strip a case of emergency and make Modifications, 
Weakness: stubborn and cares deeply about the ones she loves most and who she cares most ,is willing to sacrifice her life for her own crew or her family or planet civilians that are heavily affected by a hostile war against their enemies, but she still suffering from a near fatal illness and a debilitating condition of after being poisoned by unknown chemicals in her bloodstream that causes her extreme cardiovascular damage in her body had to endure in her life.
Ambitions carry on the family last name legacy, Discover the person who had poisoned me with a deadly poison that nearly died from.
Hobbies & Interests American southwestern historical interests, collecting firearms, playing ice hockey with her team members for the Star fleet Academy Ice Timber Wolves as captain of her team, loves horse riding. Her beloved stallion black Friesian horse, her dog Augustus, also work on Grandma’s horse farm

Personal History Served on the board the USS.Voyager was throughout my early childhood age. Developed interest of becoming an officer in love with using weapons.Her uncle taught her to be coming tactical weapons officers, Especially when they had returned to earth Emily was also commissioned as commander of the marines in Starfleet fleets during the return of Starfleet ship voyager. Upon returning home she became active cadet in the Starfleet academy continuing her career education
And training in marines for her adult life, on the last ship she served on she was in relationship with a man named Derch who was a junior officer, operations officer at the time they’ve been together for a long while
Service Record A stowaway on aboard the Uss Voyager during the voyage for seven years, Kathryn Janeway had decided to adopted me. Then years later on became a commander marine officer on the lDF uss. Albion, recently became a commanding officer of the Uss intrepid for the first time in history of her own life