Welcome To Hell(Outpost/Janeway)

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General Janeway, a seasoned Starfleet officer, has been assigned a critical mission on the planet Cardassia. Her objective is to retrieve highly confidential information that was stolen by the Cardassian government. The stakes are high, as the information in question could potentially compromise the safety and security of Starfleet and its allies.

To make matters more complicated, General Janeway must also navigate a treacherous alliance with a group of notorious space pirates who harbor deep-seated resentment towards Starfleet. She will need to rely on her diplomatic skills and tactical expertise to win their trust and secure their cooperation.

Moreover, General Janeway is entering uncharted territory in terms of service conditions. Cardassia's harsh climate and rugged terrain pose a significant challenge to her and her team, and they must adapt quickly to survive.

Will General Janeway be able to overcome these obstacles and complete her mission successfully? The fate of Starfleet and its allies rests in her hands.

Mission Group Season 1-USS Intrepid
Start Date 2024, Tue Jan 30th, @ 10:14am

Mission Summary