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Outpost Captain Savage Ivanov

Name Savage Nikolai Ivanov

Position Commanding Officer

Second Position Commanding Officer

Rank Outpost Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Place Of Origin Pfq - 8873229V
Species Human
Date Of Birth(DOB) 24th December 2365
Age 37
Nick Name Death

Physical Appearance

Height 6 foot 7
Weight 282 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Caramel
Physical Description Savage Ivanov is an extremely big, muscular male. His frame is that of a body builder/weight lifter. His brown hair hangs just below his shoulders and is naturally curly, his hair then is wavy and normally worn tied back. He has tattoos on both arms, his back, neck & collar. His face is normally covered in stubble, because his wife/partner Kyaron prefers it that way.


Spouse Kyaron Ivanov
Children None
Father Alessandro Ivanov
Mother Natakia Ivanov
Brother(s) Arkady, Wolf, King, Demetrius, Styx, Bronx, Cadmus, Phoenix, Nikkos, Cyrus, Liam, Shaun, Royce, Peter, Orthor, Nathan Mitchel, Marcus, Kevin, Joyce, Steel, Tracy, Thomas, King, Jynx, Magnellan, Wolf, Darius & Viking
Sister(s) Angel, Faith, Hope & Imagine
Other Family Between his siblings, Savage has ninety-one nephews and nieces. His sibling’s wives. He also classes some of the men he works with as family.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Savage Nikolai Ivanov, is a man that stands out not only because of his height, frame, but his walk, talk, demeanour and appearance. He has well and truly mastered the ‘look’. His frame is one of an extreme gym junkie, a heavy weight boxer, body builder and weightlifter. He doesn’t need to yell. People naturally get out of his way. Quiet, dominant, the type of man that would in the past have been labelled ‘a bad boy’. He doesn’t show fear, and it isn’t something that shows on his face. He is a take charge individual, not one to follow orders, or take orders given by a weak-minded child, or dance to the tune of somebody with only textbook experience. He says what he needs to say, when he needs to say it. He isn’t the walk around type when he can walk through something. Savage’s size, height, appearance, and manner, make him obvious. He is himself and won’t try to be what he isn’t. Softly spoken, he doesn’t need to yell. What you get is what you see. He is territorial and possessive with his woman, and does not like other men touching her, or her touching another male and will go out of his way to make it known that she is his. He never swears, curses, or insults people. He isn’t the type of person that you prank. He doesn’t lie. He is old fashioned in the way he treats women. He doesn’t like the level that technology controls life. He can be extremely violent if the need is there, but he can also be a total businessman.
Strengths & Weaknesses Easy to talk too, but doesn’t care for girl drama, or women who constantly come on to him. Can’t stand anyone around him, that must constantly talk. Doesn’t like crowds, loud music, comments that shouldn’t be made, and inappropriate actions in set arenas. Gigglers be warned. Doesn’t wear a leash well. Can’t stand liars. He is always dressed in either black or military style clothing.
Hobbies & Interests Exercising, sports, reading, history, weapons, survival, battles, war, conflict, crime. Explosives, death, killing, non tech things. Cooking, food, brewing, models, puzzles. Family history, Bratva.

Personal History Savage Nikolai Ivanov joined the marines at age fourteen, his entire family walk, live and work in both realms, ranging from owning businesses, to trading information, to the transportation and assisting the powers that be in dealing with their opposite numbers. His home planet of Pfq - 8873229V was on the edge of a black-market area, and they constantly did business with anyone able to pay. The Ivanov family was always treated with respect, because of his great grandfather, his grandfather, and his father. Savage grew up involved in black market business dealings, and it laid the foundation for his occupations later working in Starfleet. He is known and has a large contact base, for information and goods. Savage, and his family own numerous businesses and it is through those businesses, that he is in a position of being extremely wealthy and able to earn a living in both worlds. He is one of the few men, who walk the thin line between white and black, while living in both. He is comfortable working within both realms and often can be found, receiving information and items moving it through different channels, to get it to and from both sides.
Savage Ivanov is known to encourage Starfleet to not label those that work in the black, as ‘bad’ preferring to call the individuals, privateers not black marketeers. He acknowledges like everything; the black has it’s good and bad apples and he is willing to work with them all. He is a high-ranking member of his family, earning far more respect than some of his elder brothers. He has a well-known reputation, and will, take a job, aid a cause, help a friend, end a standoff, negotiate a deal, consolidate a transaction, arrange a discussion or wipe a debt, on a case-by-case basis. He currently personally owns and operates several businesses from Starbase 113, Kalkarindji and other locations, from information trading, to selling goods, to the catering of adult needs, to supplying, manufacturing and delivering of goods, both legal and illegal. His contacts and business dealing take in all realms.
He has been in a relationship with Kyaron Barker since she was twelve and he was seventeen. Claiming her as his own. She is his property, his partner and his wife as far as he is concerned. He is extremely possessive and territorial when it comes to Kyaron and will do whatever is necessary to protect her, to keep her, to the point of breaching laws. However he has never been charged, and retains a good working relationship with Starfleet, the marines and the UFoP. People and organisations are willing to turn a blind eye to things, activities, and the like, he is involved with for the information and other things he can bring about.
The Ivanov family can trace their membership of the Bratva back as far as the 1800’s. The men are born, possessive and territorial, traditional and while the world as moved o since the 1800’s they still retain what their beginnings mean. Traditions are something they hold treasured.
Service Record Savage joined the marines at fourteen, and embraced it, in intelligence and protection for twelve years, then retired. However, while he returned to the family business, and is no longer a marine, he still works with Starfleet, the marines, the UFoP, many individual governing bodies and the privateers, black marketeers and more.