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Lt. Commander Nordic Volkov

Name Nordic Volkov

Position Chief Sec/Tac Officer

Second Position Pirate

Rank Lt. Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Place Of Origin Wentworthville Colony
Species Human
Date Of Birth(DOB) 24th December 2361
Age 41

Physical Appearance

Height 6 foot 9
Weight 274 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Nordic is a giant of a muscular man. He is extremely muscular, but doesn’t wear his muscles like armour, nor do they appear stuck on. His brown hair hangs two inches below his shoulders, and it is normally worn up in a pony tail, but some always escapes. He is the type of man who doesn’t disappear into the background, and he is always armed, with a variety of knives, blades, swords and even an axe visible on his body.


Spouse Rowena
Children Elena Volkov 9 years (already arranged in marriage)
Rhiannon Volkov 7 years (already arranged in marriage)
Ivan Volkov 5 years (already arranged in marriage)
Alexei Volkov 4 years (already arranged in marriage)
Artem Volkov 4 years (already arranged in marriage)
Aleksandr Volkov 4 years (already arranged in marriage)
Makhail Volkov 3 years (already arranged in marriage)
Lev Volkov 3 years (already arranged in marriage)
Dmitri Volkov 3 years (already arranged in marriage)
Enya Volkov 2 years (already arranged in marriage)
Yelena Volkov 2 years (already arranged in marriage)
Sophi Volkov 1 years (already arranged in marriage)
Katrina Volkov 3 weeks (already arranged in marriage)
Dove Volkov 3 weeks (already arranged in marriage)
Daria Volkov 3 weeks (already arranged in marriage)
Anya Volkov 3 weeks (already arranged in marriage)
Olga Volkov 3 weeks (already arranged in marriage)
Father Aziel Volkov
Mother Daria Volkov
Brother(s) Demetrius, Fanco, Ivan, Peter
Sister(s) Enya, Dove, Olga, Anya, Coven, Sofia, Stacey
Other Family Nieces, nephews, cousins, Sixty-nine to date.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nordic is a quiet but menacing individual. He wears a cloak of darkness around him. It only disappears when he is around his children. He is territorial and possessive. A dominant individual who takes his job very seriously. He likes to dress in old style Russian, Norwegian, Viking style clothes and is always armed. Some weapons on display, many more not. He isn’t one to make quick, rash decisions.
Strengths & Weaknesses His children are both his strengths and weaknesses.
Ambitions N/A
Hobbies & Interests Blades, Knives, Swords, creating, designing, making and using them. Constantly practicing to use his preferred weapons. Going over historical weapons and recreating them for himself and others. Repairing weapons. Instructing people to use weapons from history.

Personal History Nordic Volkov is a large man who stands six foot nine. A quiet individual who has always had an interest in blades, knives, swords and other like weapons and he definitely knows how to use them. Never been a good student, and it’s only if the topic interest him, that he will sit down and read. Otherwise books are used to light fires.
Nordic prides himself on being and staying active and spends a lot of time keeping himself fit. His main purpose is to ensure that no ones gets close enough to the Ivanov’s, or their females and there families. He is Chief of Security, controls security and/or protection services for the Ivanov’s, and apart from the Ivanov males, he is the only non-Ivanov male, who deals with their wives.
He goes where Savage Ivanov goes. His wife and family goes where he goes. He has killed many individuals in his career, and while he takes more a managerial role, however he sees it as his job to insure that the people he is issuing instructions too are beyond capable, willing and able to do the task. He knows whether they will fumble before they do, and will often move individuals around before it happens.
Nordic may see himself as old, but as he always states, his mind is still capable so his body still follows. He won’t take no for an answer unless the no is being said by Savage. He is one of the elite that Savage requires to do personal tasks, and to insure the safety of his wife.
Nordic is responsible for the training of the men who keep the Ivanov brides and their families safe. Any problems, he sees them as his problems. He sees Savage as both his friend, and boss, and it’s Savage’s orders that he follows. He is aware that some of the Ivanov men dislike this, but none of the are prepared to voice their dislike to Savage and while they try to put Nordic to the back, telling him he isn’t an Ivanov, they have realised that he isn’t going anywhere.
Nordic did the tasks he now trains other men to do. He is still fully capable of doing those tasks and will step in, without question and notice should that be necessary.
His children have already been claimed, some to Ivanov women, and some to Ivanov men. Savage intends to have his children married through arranged marriages.
Nordic has been trained by Savage. He is a quiet assassin, but one who will happily step into the open and kill if required. He accompanies Savage on business when needed. He is one of only five men, who can touch Savage’s bride without being killed.
Service Record Not revealent, he has never been a member of anything but the Ivanov’s.