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It is time to find happiness through the end of the day

Posted on 2024, Tue Jan 30th, @ 3:07pm by Brigadier General Emily Janeway

776 words; about a 4 minute read

In the Holodeck simulation, the Janeway family's farmhouse was next to an old horse barn. The barn recreated the sounds of horses and the agricultural landscape in the evenings.

As Emily approached the farmstead on a lovely evening, she noticed two men walking towards her from a distance. These men are Peter Anderson, the eldest son of Mr. Lawrence Anderson, who had taken care of Emily's grandmother's equestrian equipment and farmhouse, and Mr. Lawrence Anderson, who had a long-standing relationship with Emily's grandmother's horses. They greeted Emily warmly with a "Howdy, Miss Emily Elizabeth Janeway." She was standing by the gated entrance, dressed in her off-duty attire, which included her well-known raven leather cowgirl hat and riding boots. As the mid-autumn sun shone down upon them, Emily couldn't help but smile slightly. She conversed with Lawrence and Peter, trying hard to hold back tears of joy as she said, "I have decided to relive some precious memories on horseback. ”Emily said. The three stood between the steel iron gate in silence for quite some time until Mr. Lawrence reached into his pants pocket to get the heavy keyrings that included all the entry keys to the entire Janeway family horse ranch. As Mr. Lawrence looked for the respective key to open the front gate's entrance of the farmstead, Emily, wearing her off-duty attire and renowned ebony cowgirl hat, had a tiny smile on her face as the mid-autumn daylight shone over them.

As Mr. Lawrence neared the imposing gates, his eyes darted to his coat pocket. His fingers fumbled for a moment before finally finding the key - an old and weathered thing, its once-shiny surface chipped and rusted. With a deep breath to steady his nerves, he inserted the key into the lock with a deliberate hand, the metal creaking as the gates slowly swung open. He reinserted the key into the keyring and returned to his coat pocket. With a sense of accomplishment, Mr. Lawrence pushed open the heavy metal gates, revealing a stunning view beyond. A smile crept across his face, and he stood there momentarily. Taking in the person's presence in front of him, He was pleased with his success, and he basked in the moment of unlocking the gates with the correct skeleton key.

As they approach the old farmhouse, Emily Janeway feels excitement and apprehension. The familiar scenery of her childhood farmstead surrounds her as she walks with Mr. Lawrence and his son toward the old horse-stable barn.

As Emily walked beside Mr. Lawrence and Peter, she heard horses whinnying and their hooves echoing against the wooden floor, creating a musical rhythm. The sweet and nostalgic scent of hay and leather filled the air, returning her in time. As they approached the old horse barn, Emily's anticipation grew more robust. She couldn't wait to see Midnight, her beloved black stallion.

The barn was dimly lit up, with the lanterns hanging from the ceiling casting a warm and flickering light, creating mesmerizing shadows on the walls that seemed to dance to the rhythm of the movements. The atmosphere was cozy and inviting, making Emily feel at home. She could hear hay rustling as the horses munched on their feed, adding to the barn's comforting ambiance. Emily's eyes glinted excitedly, and they surveyed the old barn for Midnight. She could listen to his smooth neighing in the distance, and her heart leaped with joy when she finally saw him standing at the far end of the barn.

Midnight looked magnificent with his raven jet-black coat, and Emily couldn't wait to spend quality time with him. The sight of Midnight brought back a wave of happy girlhood memories of long rides through the fields and countless hours spent grooming and speaking with him. Emily couldn't help but smile as she strode towards Midnight since Emily had been grappling with a series of unsettling events that had taken place in her mind over the past week. She could feel the weight of those thoughts bearing down on her, imperiling to consume her at any moment. Has yet refused to surrender to them. Instead, she shifted her attention to the here and now, taking solace in the simple pleasures of riding Midnight. She savored the sensation of the reins in her hand, the rhythmic sound of the horse's hooves, and the refreshing gusts of wind that tousled her hair. At that moment, Emily found a brief respite from her troubles, a reprieve from the chaos of her mind. With a deep breath, she climbed onto Midnight's saddle. She set off into the expansive wilderness around the Janeway family’s ranch, yet eager for nighttime adventures.


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