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Documents Of the meeting with the person taking care of the agreements for travel to Cardassian

Posted on 2024, Mon Jan 29th, @ 1:50pm by Brigadier General Emily Janeway

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To: Fleet Admiral Lovell
From: Brigadier General Emily Janeway
The transportation to the outpost from the Starfleet headquarters was successful. Janeway delivered the valid security clearance papers to proceed with outpost security personnel arrangements for secret representatives for the gathering location to establish travel agreements with the private representatives. Janeway has already contacted her regarding the main reason for her intent to travel to Cardassian, along with the assigned travel companion who will join her. She’ll dwell on the outpost for the mission, traveling approximately back and forth with the travel companion. I included and already have established our location-tracking gadget in a piece of bracelet jewelry I will wear on my body throughout this assignment—01-29-24 unknown stardate. Janeway seems to be confident that she is going to mission updates if there’s any reasonable way to complete the mission successfully and that she will make it through it alive. Yes, Sir. “Yes, I will keep you posted on mission updates and if there is any critical information or if you have any information that could be beneficial for this mission ‘ it looks like I’m not dealing with the undercover spy that was a Cardassian-like she went by the name of Seska during uss—voyager era. Only time will tell if I know if I am so far as In this record I’ve gathered. Emily Janeway Signing off. The computer saves the entries. I am sending out a report now to the fleet admiral.


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