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Disowned Klingon? What Could Go Wrong

Posted on 2024, Tue Feb 13th, @ 3:29pm by Lieutenant Commander B'Orak

210 words; about a 1 minute read

I have been in Starfleet for 6 years, And have risen to the Rank of Lt. Commander...To What? I got disowned by my Faction. Kicked from any Klingon related Groups. Man, I rather just be human, But I was born a Klingon, So I have to uphold my oath that I took on the day I left to join Starfleet. Which is remember I am still Klingon, And even through I did get disowned by my Home Faction, I will still remember my History and its Relics. I have already got saturated in qaruters. But Star Fleet Qaruters tend to be very bland, Only if we add some more Colofulness, Like Red or Black. That would make it so much better. Truly we already have our first Mission. For odd reason yet to be determined some dumb Human release dead body and now are coming right for 113, The Commodore has placed us on Yellow Alert, Admiral Ward has given the orders for Black out protocol. Which is where All Windows are tinted. It works for me, Not much else out there, At least I can activate the windows to show me Woods of Borleth instead of just black. I need to get going, Need to report in to the Commdore.


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