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USS Halo - Log one

Posted on 2024, Fri Feb 16th, @ 6:42am by Lieutenant Teresina Waylin

1,030 words; about a 5 minute read

Sin lay on the bunk, on one of the marine decks, surrounded by Halo's innards, all the decorative plating piled up around the deck. Not a single drop of retardant in sight. Several groups of Halo's crew occupied other bunks.

She opened her PADD log, and looked at the first part of the log she'd written. Rereading what she'd written, before chewing her lip and erasing what she'd written and started again.

I'm occupying a bunk on one of the marine decks, with a collection of Halo crew. Guess who Halo's XO is? Yep, I hit the jackpot Mad's the XO. Not sure why she's here last I heard she was training disabled women for damage. She's still wearing her modified NonAtmo, displaying most of her patches, but most people aren't even aware that everything is there. Metallic snow, not sure why she's not wearing camo, since she's still active duty marine. Our BCS is some youngish male, not overly sure about him yet. He has big red flags over some of his actions. I've got a thousand down that he won't be here by the end of this year. Not unless he starts to pay attention to what he's told. SC is on the quiet side. just got a new CMO, can't be all bad, he's not crash hot on kids.

Yes the grapevine is present. Apparently the counsellor is married to the youngish admiral, they've got one kid, and another on the way. Couple of marines have caught my eye. There's this marine with the biggest hooters I've ever seen. I certainly don't want to be caught behind her in a vent. Some away mission Mad went on was fucked. Not sure what happened, but we ended in a stand off with the Roms, and had the CDeck blown up by a bomb. Had to BAMN the Admiral from the CDeck. Yes, Mad gave the instructions.

We've got a retardant issue; seems it goes back to the Halo's construction. Some of it has solidified. And low behold it smells like there is a dead body in Halo's innards, and someone thinks, somethings alive in there too. Mad knows the CEO. Looks like a horse. mad calls her Hoof. She calls Mad Hands. Don't get the hands bit. Didn't know that Mad had reviewer status. Didn't even know she wrote DC Protocol. But then she's always kept to herself. I never thought I'd see the day that she accepted an executive position. She's still the same Mad.

I went to apologize to the youngish one, and got stuck on the CDeck1. I lost it. I absolutely HATE it. It's just not my thing. Now I understand what Mad means about just sticking to the basics. Everyone was looking at me, like I was godsend. It was weird. Got myself some biggy's in damage. Walker seems to be okay, he was shocked to find that the CDeck had been damaged by a bomb. Mad sent me to the CDeck, while she went to deck two. Which sort of helped knowing that the bomb wasn't on the CDeck. I thought she'd say something about how I got the Admiral off the deck, but she didn't.

I'm not sure, if I'm a good DCE1 or a bad one. Personally I think I would have concentrated on the bomb and left the youngish one to blow up. I still don't know why Mad keeps sending people to rescue them. I've got more questions than answers as usual. Oh Ilyce Collins is now a Commodore and she's supposedly in charge of Starbase 113. Not really anything else going on here at the moment.

Ilyce sent the Ross the ship attached to 113 out after the Halo when we got clobbered. Some one really needs to kick the young one's arse. He actually pulled some of the DCP's so he could get more power to the comm's, for some reason Mad did nothing. Hopefully someone will let me know about my brother. I realise it's only been 6 weeks, but I do miss chatting to him. Oh and if I end up attached to anyone. I'm coming over to piss on everything.

There is lots of gossip going around here, and one of the marines acts real weird. Mad got to the bomber before he planted the bomb. He is under security in medical. Did you know that our youngish one, is supposed to be getting paid by the black element for turning a blind eye? No, I haven't mentioned anything I've heard to Mad, she's playing deaf, to close off her ears again. I don't think a lot of people know how her sleeve works. Tell D I love him and to be careful will you? And no I don't want to get messages from S. I'm not reading them. So I hope they don't contain anything important. D said he had someone better than Bambi, Barbie, Bimbo whatever her name was. Still think you got it wrong, D's not a pussy, and he wouldn't have tried to hide in a weapons locker. Even I know, he wouldn't fit. He's not my size. I hope this women is nice, after the last one you stuck on him. She was not nice. He's my brother. I really don't need to see him naked. You could have done that fuzzy thing over his bits. Though I never knew they got that big. How the hell does that go in?

Don't tell D that bit please. I still clearly remember his endless moaning about Carl, he went on about him for months. Carl doesn't have the problem, honey you do. Well Carl did indeed have a problem when Mad found out. You can tell D that much. And Mad still remembers and wants to have a private discussion with D. I'm not sure if I should let her.

Sin signed off, then logged into the systems box, and sent her log off, as she usually did. "Night D, where ever you are. I hope the ladies nice." She looked over her shoulder, thinking she was in her quarters, her eyes narrowing when she saw Halo's innards not her brother's photo.


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