Frontiers Day

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Storys of Where you were during Frontiers Day

Mission Group Frontiers Day
Start Date 2023, Wed Dec 20th, @ 1:07pm
End Date 2024, Mon Mar 18th, @ 1:07pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Frontier Day Attack Memorial
by Fleet Admiral Pat Lovell & Admiral Christopher Townsend & Vice Admiral N'Simi & Admiral Mike Ward & Fleet Captain David Dunne
4 Months After Attack Star Fleet Command, San Francisco, Earth
Frontier Day-- Lieutenant Commander John Fitzgerald
by Commander John Fitzgerald
Frontier day Klingon Border, USS Explorer
Frontiers Day---Commander Chris Townsend
by Admiral Christopher Townsend
Frontiers Day---April 16, 2401 USS Hanes

Mission Summary

Goal is to Tell What you felt and what your Character went through on Frontier Day If Completed, You will Get the Veteran Medal for the Completion of the Post