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Captain's Personal Merit Award

Posted on 2024, Mon Feb 12th, @ 3:37pm by Admiral Christopher Townsend

Hello Everyone, Once Per Month, The Commanding Officer and the First Officer on each sim gives out a Award to the Player who we feel worthy of recognition. Captain Black will give hers when she has made her decision. But Mine is Now Listed below

Captain's Personal Merit
Awarded to the player whom the CO feels is worthy of recognition.

The Captain's Personal Merit Award Hereby Gos to...

Brigadier General Emiliy Janeway!

Mrs. Janeway was the First person to join the sim back in 2023 when it first opened, and stuck with us through times of Hardship and when the fleet went through reform, and Also stayed with us after a Player Accused her of Abuse of power, So thank you General For Staying with us!

As Noted above, Captain Black will give her award once she chooses her Pearson.


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Category: Fleet Announcement

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