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January Awards-Continued

Posted on 2024, Wed Feb 7th, @ 2:40pm by Admiral Christopher Townsend

Greetings, esteemed officers! We extend a warm welcome to the inaugural January Fleet Awards ceremony. It is our pleasure to host this event and we hope to continue this tradition on a monthly basis. Our team will strive to ensure that the ceremony is a resounding success each time. Thank you for gracing us with your presence and we look forward to a fulfilling evening.

Thanks For Joining Reward!

Commander Victor SPADE Chief Medical Officer

Lt. Commander Ty'Ryn Riva Shannon-Aisst Chief Engineer

Commander Dorna None Villersh None-Chief Engineer

Colonel Sandra "Fanthom" Risa-Lone Wolves-Group Commander

Thank you so much for joining the Sim! We're thrilled to have you on board and appreciate your support! You are the driving force behind everything we do!

Diplomacy Award
Given To Those Who Have the ability To Push through a Hard Time during the Mission and Make sure the Goal is Still Achieved

Lt. Rose Andrake-Astromectirc Officer

Captain Maddison Black-First Officer

Thank you! You have helped me with Pushing the Mission to best it can be and made sure it was fun!

Recruiting Service Medal


Thank you to All those Getting Awards! Now We wait till next Month!!


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Category: Fleet Announcement

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