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Welcome Cadets

Posted on 2024, Mon Mar 18th, @ 10:29am by Admiral Mike Ward & Captain Mark White & Commodore Ilyce (Pronounced Ice) Collins & Cadet Senior Grade Raymond Kee & Cadet Junior Grade Sam Carlot & Cadet Junior Grade Samantha Jefries & Cadet Junior Grade Melody Kain & Cadet Junior Grade Stuart Carlot & Cadet Junior Grade William Spittles & Cadet Sophomore Grade Scott Carlote & Cadet Sophomore Grade Leonardo Caine & Cadet Sophomore Grade Graham Seeth & Cadet Sophomore Grade Roy Zaanic & Cadet Freshman Grade Lennard West & Cadet Freshman Grade Toni Gabib & Cadet Freshman Grade Marie Lavendar & Cadet Freshman Grade Ray Jinh & Cadet Freshman Grade Ray Jinh

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Mission: The Attack Of the Cadavera(Starbase 113/Outpost)
Location: Star Base 113 Academy, Main Auditorium
Timeline: 5 Days After Dark Past’s Are Hidden For A Reason

Captain White and Admiral Ward along with Commodore walked into the Auditorium to meet the cadets.

"Commodore, Welcome to Star Base 113, I am Admiral Mike Ward, the Deputy Commandant here at the academy, and this is Captain Mark white, Sec/Tac Instructor" Mike held his hand out to shake the Commodore.

"Gentlemen." She shook both men's hands. "As you're both aware, Education is in my blood, I would appreciate adding myself to the lecture circuit. If you could allocate space and time and let me know, I'll come back with topics." Ilyce answered, giving the cadets her casual inspection. "If you need additional resources, you know where to find me. I'm more than happy to fill in, should that happen."

After Ward had finished speaking, he turned towards the group of cadets who were still gathering around him. With a slight smile on his face, he addressed them, "I figured you would lead your own little speech after I gave mine." His tone was slightly teasing, but also friendly, as if he was engaging in a playful banter with the cadets. The group of cadets looked at each other, some with a hint of confusion, while others chuckled at Ward's comment. It seemed like they weren't sure what to make of his words. Nonetheless, they continued to listen attentively to what he had to say next.

"I'm telling you, it's her. I went to several of her lectures on mum's last assignment." One of the cadets told those around her.
"She doesn't look old enough."
"They say she talks to those who can't cross over."
"I heard that the ghosts of the dead appear wherever she goes."
"Project Eneabba."
"Project Eneabba."
"Project Eneabba."

"What is Project Eneabba?"

The voice and it's question reached Ilyce and the two men.

"Project Eneabba, ladies and gentlemen is a Star Fleet project where a group of investigators attempts to solve mysteries, like missing people dead or alive. Recover or retrieve lost objects. If rumors have already circulated, as they do. You'll be aware that I communicate with some elements that have crossed over and some intending to cross over, but have unfinished business to complete before they can." Ilyce stepped up.

"Is it true you can see the dead?"
"Is it true you're the star base's Big Chair?"
"Will we get to see them too?"
"Are you going to do lectures?"
"Will we get to sign up for your lectures?"
"Are things going to change, now that you're BC?"
"Are those animals real?"
"I heard that several of them are security trained."
"Will you be taking classes?"
"Is it true that you think we are too reliant on tech?"
"If we have ideas, would you consider them?"
"Now that you're BC will we get to do what they wouldn't let us do under the man who came before."
"Will you step in to get those talks going again?"
"Can you stop programs we think are useless?"
"Are you for or against us getting hands on life experience?"
"Can you get Security off our backs? We aren't the problem."
"Will you be reinstating drills?"
"Can we get a messenger address for us to contact you direct over certain messengers?"
"We need something or someone to make it clear that we aren't, Sicko?"
"Will you be doing reviews?"

"Okay, hold it there." Ilyce stated. "I can't answer a lot of those questions, because I'm unaware of what happened, and I won't make decisions on things I know nothing about. So, I suggest you write it up, and pass it up the chain, and we'll go from there." Ilyce answered. "Write it all up, lay out what you want stopped, started or restarted. Get with your leads and we'll arrange a time to discuss it. I'll leave it to you to work who." Ilyce stated.

"Attention Cadets! This is Admiral Ward, the Deputy Commandant here at the Academy. I expect your full attention! Captain White, the Security and Tactical Instructor, is also present here. And as you all should know, we have Commodore Collins, the Commanding Officer of our institution, here at S113. Over the next few weeks, we will cover the basic rules and other important information. Commodore, do you have anything to add to what I have already said?" Ward asked the Commodore, staring sternly at the group.

Ilyce struggled to keep a straight face, wondering if the admiral knew he came across like a satisfied grandfather to the cadets. "Take it seriously but remember to enjoy it. This is the start of your new career. You will experience everything, and not everything will be what you expect it to be. And one final thing. Remember that the only stupid question is an unasked question."

Ward knew the Commodore made a good point. "Agreed, Are there any questions For the Sec/Tac Cadets?"

"Sir, we hear that some of the seniors are going to get the opportunity to go active working with damage control. Some have heard that they will only be engineering, while others have heard they can be anyone can you give us more?"

"Does that mean you'll both be crawling through the Jeffries tubes Admiral, Captain?"

"We've acquired a WDDCE, who was trained by one of the seven Yackandrah survivors. She's been given the chance to take some cadets and give them an advantage." Ilyce kept her voice low. "I believe you should have contact with Jewel Marsden within twenty-four hours. Female cadets, Starfleet want to make sure female cadets get a chance, if it works here, then it may be expanded since Maddison Black is XO of the Halo, and since it was put forth by her. It's too good an opportunity to pass up. You both are in a far better position than I am, which is why I'm asking one of you to run with it." Ilyce looked at them.

"I have yet to hear about this, Its been..well a hectic week." The Admiral replied

"Sir can we choose?"
"Are you sure someone of your age should inflict such damage on his body?"
"You are on the plushie side."

The Admiral laughed. "Well what do we do next"

Ilyce held up her hand in the universal sign of surrender. "That gentleman is up to both of you. You'll be running it on overview. Marsden will be doing the bulk of the work. I've got to be independent. So please do not get yourselves stuck in a vent. I'd rather not have to explain to the powers to be, that Marsden had to disassemble you because you got stuck." Ilyce smiled. "I don't like tight spaces. And the last thing I'm doing is getting into a vent with someone who thinks like Black."

"Agreed, If you have any more contact with their people, contact me, I would like to be apart of it"

Ilyce looked at both of them. "I'd direct you to speak to Black, but you're less likely to get anything from her. Sympathy and most of Mad's lot will be arriving on 113 in the next few days. Sympathy does the administrative work, so she's your first point. I think the idea is sound, but beyond that I don't think anyone really knows where it will go. There's a great divide between engineering and damage. Engineering are more by the book, they have time to think. Where as damage react. When you've got a hole in the hull, or a missile ticking down, you don't have time to think. We need people who can focus and react. I'm not sure I want damage running around semi marine style and no where can I see that anyone else does either. I'll send you what I have. I'm not above taking maintenance and giving that to damage and combining both. I am not sure having damage in charge of engineering would be such a good idea either. I'm not sure if it's warranted on a ship." Ilyce looked at both. "And you should be warned that Marsden has no training experience. She's been trained, not given it. She doesn't have the confidence that Black has. She refuses to cut the safety line."

"Greaaat, Shes bit of a hard ass, Rather not butt heads with her, Since I act like a hard ass as well."

"Marsden has a sealed background. Not something that Starfleet or the UFoP wants to have revealed. She occasionally has breaks. I'll open what's sealed should it become necessary. Otherwise, I'll leave it in your hands. I think it could be of service to a facility this size. Especially since they know every Jeffries Tube, vent, shaft, delivery system, network, and the like."

Ward sighed. He might as well Retire to Yalt!

"Bite the bullet gentlemen, you never know, you could find that you enjoy the JT's." Ilyce didn't add. Better them then her."

"Sir. Sir. Sir. Is there a list where we can put our names down?"
"Is there something we need to have to get a chance?"
"Do we have to be a certain size?"
"Does this mean we get phasers?"
"I'd change from Security if I get a phaser."

"Alright everyone, Take a chill pill, No you will not get a phaser, No Sec/Tac weapons unless you have just graduated. No one is getting a phaser, Any of you hulligans. None of you are ready for that power of holding a weapon. With that said, I want all security officers/Cadets Report to Room 102, For a quick meeting." Then Promxity alert sounded. The Admiral looked to the Commodore. "Commodore with me, Captain stay here" They then rushed to the Command Deck.

Ilyce stepped out of the core TL onto the Command Deck, and stared at the scene. There had to have been a good thousand of them. Some full bodies, some half bodies, some single limbs, some hips and legs, some legs and feet, some just feet, some bundled together with string, cables and ropes. Several heads whirled, swinging side to side, some spinning like a child's top. There were even a box half open, spilling and leaving a trail of male bits. To be honest, it was a sight she really didn't need to see.

"Kill the alarms." Ilyce commandeered. "Alright where are we with people standing by to recover what we can?"

"Ah... Hazard is on the Ross, along with extra marines, Engineers and medical. I was thinking that we could use Damage...."

"Actually, let's give the cadets their real life experience." Ilyce looked at Admiral Ward. "Over to you Admiral."

"All cadets, Please report to your assigned stations immediately. All security personnel are to report to deck C along with operations and intelligence team. Medical personnel, please proceed to the med bay.

We are initiating a yellow alert, which means that there is a potential threat to the ship. I urge everyone to remain calm and focused on their duties. Your training has prepared you for this moment, and I have full confidence in your abilities.

Let's move people, and remember to work together as a team. We will get through this together."


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