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Commodore Ilyce (Pronounced Ice) Collins

Name Ilyce (Pronounced Ice) Eden Collins

Position Commanding Officer

Second Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commodore

Character Information

Gender Female
Place Of Origin O’Rayn Marine base
Species Human
Date Of Birth(DOB) 24th December 2360
Age 42
Nick Name Ice

Physical Appearance

Height 5 Foot 8
Weight 66 kilos
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Ilyce is a slim lean woman, without any excess fat on her body. She has long brown hair which hangs down midway between her shoulder blades and her waist. She has green eyes, no scars or tattoo’s. She looks younger than she is. It is not unusual for her to be asked for identification.


Spouse None
Children none
Father Coby Collins
Mother Alena Collins
Brother(s) Dean, Marcus, Darius, Steven, Wyatt & Arthur
Sister(s) Eden, Sandra, Rebecca
Other Family Ilyce is the only Collins member who does not have children, she has fifty two nieces and nephews.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ilyce (pronounced Ice) is a troubled individual, because of her constant shadows. She is aware that people think she is crazy because they often see her, waving her arms around, and hear her talking to herself. What they don’t see are the constant shadows which are the dead who can’t transition from one realm to the next. She is not crazy and has the medical and physiologist proof to prove it. After many years of trying to push the dead away and resume control of her life, she’s adjusting to their presence and is working with Starfleet personnel to solve various unsolved mysteries. She prefers to work alone but is currently working with other investigators to solve the mysteries. Ice has a collection of animals which go where she goes. Two white/apricot toy poodles called Daisymae and Lime. Baby is a large black panther like cat, who is dead, but alive and is responsible for her protection. Wind is a white wolf like creature, who is also dead and is also responsible for her protection. Cuddles is a manufactured small creature, covered with white and grey fur, no larger than a toy poodle.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ilyce’s strengths and weaknesses are her link with the dead. They drive her nuts, and they keep her mesmerised. She can concentrate for long periods at a time, to the point she doesn’t register anything else. She has a way with animals, and has never been bitten or clawed.
Ambitions Ilyce lives in the present. What comes will come.
Hobbies & Interests Mysteries, puzzles, problems, lectures, strange, weird, unusual things, the old ways, historical things, growing things, new and old tech. Teaching, Quiet moments. Death.

Personal History Ilyce was born on the O’Rayn Marine base, to Coby and Alena Collins, who are both Marine Instructors. She has six brothers, Dean, Marcus, Darius, Steven, Wyatt & Arthur. All of her brothers work within the marine arena. They are all married and have numerous children. She has three sisters, Eden, Sandra and Rebecca, they are married to active duty marines and they all also have numerous children. Ilyce is the only Collins member who does not have children, she has fifty two nieces and nephews.

From the young age of three, Ilyce has had the ability to communicate to the dead. Not only those who have crossed over to the next level of their journey, but to those who have died, but still need to have their stories told, or their bodies found. Her mother’s mother and her father’s mother, both had the ability or curse to do this. Ilyce however, because of her two grandmother’s has a stronger ability to actually call on those who have died, to come to her rescue or to lend their assistance to whatever she is doing.

Ilyce’s ability attracts and calls to those who are struggling to cross over, they appear where ever she is located. Given that Ilyce is the only one who can actually see them, they will often move objects, change temperatures, make strange or annoying noises to gain her attention.

Ilyce was forced to move whenever her parents were transferred, and she was not appreciative of the life this gave her. Deciding to go into teaching, she joined the Starfleet Academy, instead of the marine community, creating a wedge between her and her parents. They insured that she had a miserable relationship with her siblings, but quickly stopped, when Ilyce’s ‘dead’ friends got involved.
Ilyce does not have a good relationship with her family, and is not interested in a relationship with her siblings families, and goes out of her way to avoid them. She will use her so called ‘dead’ friends to aid in her families removal. She hasn’t as yet taken up their offer of having them permanently removed.

Those that work with Ilyce, will find themselves caught in a world of moving objects, strange noises, one sided conversations, items being slammed against walls, temperature drops or increases, things going bump. Ilyce talks to the dead who follow her around, as if they are normal. People either tolerate it, find it amusing, or hate it and leave. Some people try to get her to communicate with their family or friends who have passed over.

Ilyce moved from teaching into miscellaneous topic, historical, military, technological and/or interactional lecturing, and is known for giving lectures on the strange, weird, unusual, as well as anything interesting. Even though she is now within the command level structure, she still gives her lectures, and they usually attract a wide audience.

Having grown up within the realm of the marines, Ilyce is comfortable in both the Starfleet realm and the marine world. She doesn’t always stick to the rule and regulation book, and is known for surprises in the way she operates.
Service Record Entered the Starfleet Academy, with a focus on Education on the fast path gifted program at twelve. Was already giving lectures and classes for the marines. Spent her entire career in Education and continues to assist in Education.
Starbase 11 – Education and Quartermaster duties.
Starbase O’Rayn – Education and Communications.
Kilkannie Colony – Education and Children’s Mental Issues.
USS Midway – Education and Childrens Counselling.
Project ‘Bring them Home’ – A marine and Starfleet program to find and locate missing people, who are believed to be ‘dead’ and to repatriate their remains. Remains active till the present.
USS Frankston – Education and Operations.
Starbase 386 – Education and Refugee Services.
Starbase 101326 – Education and Security – Specialising in Negotiation.
Outpost Toongabbie – The investigation of a mass suicide and subsequent murders of 19,312 citizens, remains active till the present.
Waldaba Colony – Education, Negotiation and Confrontation Specialist – 2nd Officer.
Starbase 113 – Executive Officer.

Members of Project ‘Bring them home’ and Outpost Toongabbie Investigation teams, along with several members of a new Investigation unit known as Project Eneabba move with Ilyce to her various taskings. Eneabba is the name of an Australian town located in Western Australia.