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Departed Cast

Posted on 2024, Wed Mar 27th, @ 9:28am by Admiral Christopher Townsend

The Following People have Been Moved to the Departed Cast due to Lack of Inacitivy, Or have left the sim

Rear Admiral Malcolm Reese
Captain Logan Reese
Commander Quinn Pensky-Reese
Commander Ra'Danaleii
Lieutenant Lyric Reese
Lieutenant Rose Andrake
Lieutenant JG Jason ReneƩ

Also a Friendly Reminder

Activity Requirements
All members are required to be part of at least one published post once per calendar month if not actively required for the movement of the story.
1. All members are required to respond to all active joint posts with other members once at least every 72 hours.
2. All members are required to notify the staff should they be unable to fulfill activity requirements. These notifications are known within the group as a Leave of Absence (LOA).
3. Crew are encouraged to communicate busy periods or short spurts of leave via Discord to the fellow crew.
3a. Notification to the staff for an official LOA can occur via discord in #sto-loa or directly to a member of the staff.
3b. LOAs are not requests requiring approval of staff, it is just a notification that a member needs to take some time away for coordination of the story.


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Category: Halo News

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